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She's seren this portions in this portion of the show brought to you by seren duck sairy bc it's it's like and the theme song this music gigs is in seven which odd choice for television for like a children's television show themes on i couldn't believe it i thought it was like miss edited for the first couple of times that my wife and i are obsessed with this show because it's so calm unlike papa troll papa joel be there on the double and the kids are are are actually smoking crack right what javanese one where it's like trucks and planes talking to each other no i don't know what that is okay but he's about to watch yeah i'd stay away from it okay no i'm trying to discourage patrol thing so cute with him on the playground telling me which one i am a you rubble daddy i writer we have to save the day it's really a weird glimpse into how we are yes he's laughing cow we are mimics you know what i mean like you'd watch a movie and then you'd go and recreate that movie with your friends interesting thing oh yeah yeah for sure really are just like vases and you just pour stuff into them and actually get how is your family with tv and like you were not allowed is that true yeah yeah really it was it was highly to get what they're after the older i get the more i'm like my mom watch me play double dragon wasn't intendo game open.

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