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Shooter is for instance the chairman of the commission bob gualtieri he's the sheriff in pinellas county he said after a time the sheriff's radio system became so overloaded that day it basically stopped working and he said that might help account for some of the problems with the response from by the sheriff's deputies that day and what else did we learn about how the shooting unfolded well we got an animated timeline today from broward sheriff's officials that they played and they described for the commission cruise never entered a classroom they showed he fired almost randomly through the windows in the doors of the classrooms many of which were locked by the way but after shooting several people on the first floor he then went to the second floor but on that floor there was no one in the hallway because they had heard gunshots everyone was hiding in law classrooms so then crews went up to the third floor and smoke from the gunshots had triggered the schools fire alarms officials say students on the third floor where parents unaware there's an active shooter and we're out in the hallway because the fire alarm had gone off and that's where crews shot and killed several more people fred gutenberg was that today's meeting his fourteen year old daughter jamie was one of those who was killed that day here's what he had to say about the police response it was cluster youknowwhat of errors and mistakes and my kid is dead every second we lost that the first one never should have happened but had there been a proper response this guy never makes it to the third floor and the commission says it is going to have a report ready for the governor and the legislature to act on in january.

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