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I Documentum I'm him who sell fox news the state department tried to keep them under wraps but a court order has led to the release of nearly one hundred pages of documents related to Ukraine the group American oversight soon to get Ukraine related documents from the state department some of those documents show president trump's lawyer Rudy Julie Donnie was interpreter of state Mike Pompeii a last March an American oversight is saying there's a clear paper trail between Giuliani and the secretary to produce guiliani smear campaign against the U. S. ambassador fox's jail NATO last week during public impeachment hearings former ambassador Marie of on average said she felt knee capped by the smear campaign president trump has said it is a U. S. presidents absolute right to appoint ambassadors articles of impeachment against president could be drawn up and voted on by Christmas senior trump administration officials told reporters it's not clear the house will actually impeach president trump but if an impeachment triggers a Senate trial Tony saying is senior White House adviser for strategy says the president's team is prepared to present his case fox's parent helper and the president has said he welcomes a trial in the Senate that could happen in January the president also welcoming a report by the department of justice inspector general on alleged FISA abuse regarding former trump campaign a quarter page it's due out next month the American people are tired of the us and say you want to get the facts they want to get this over with I want to hear the horror which report that Senate Republican Marsha Blackburn three people are hurt following a drive by shooting outside a concert in Utah police in Salt Lake City say no arrests have been made the victims are all expected to recover America is listening to fox news if you're not watching Hannity right now you should be this is a critical moment for the president and for you America needs to know what's really going on in Washington and I will give you a taste.

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