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Kim tunnicliffe spoke with one of the top us men competing in this year's race elite american runner daniel topic of california place ninth in the two thousand thirteen boston marathon two hours after he finished the bomb uhhuh went off shattering his sense of security now top is back five years later to compete again jocking by the by the grandstands just walking under them it's kind of inevitable for you to feel scared but then you see all the law enforcement and the police dogs and it makes you feel great makes you feel proud to be an american and you feel protected but it's always in the back of your mind you know that you never know what could happen the only expectation top has going into this year's race is to finish stronger than he did five years ago i just want to go in there and compete and being the lead pack from the finish line kim tunnicliffe wbz news radio ten thirty our race analyst sharon barr bono we'll have more on the elite men runners coming up in a few minutes and of course wiretowire coverage of the marathon can be heard here on wbz radio and on the wbz i heart radio app a north shore icon coach dick lynch has passed away lynch was a world war two vet who went to swamps get in the fifties as an assistant football coach helping them win ten straight north eastern conference titles include the town's first super bowl in nineteen seventytwo lynch taught phys ed at swamps get high for nineteen years while coaching football baseball basketball and track the gym is named after him he was also athletic director at dan verse hi dick lange was ninety one years old he was a father of wcbs sports anchor mike lynch an airline known for cheap fares to leisure destinations as responding to a news report that calls into question the carrier's safety in its story cbs is sixty minutes reported on an alleged string of dangerous shoes aboard allegiant airlines flights aborted takeoffs cabin pressure boss emergency descents an.

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