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Memo plus could've been traded the only I probably wouldn't have done at the time I said it would have been Michael Conforto but anyway the Mets have worked themselves back in the wildcard race winning seven straight and even with all their deficiencies they have played some good baseball as of late the Yankees have had a bad week and then people start to panic and it should be a fun weekend series for both the yanks and the Mets being you know relevant won the Mets themselves getting relevant here in early August which is hard to believe any explain the red Sox is always fun before they hit the road yeah it's got a lot of vision games coming up for the red Sox three in Baltimore for in Toronto and then back home for three with Baltimore nine they finish out that home stand with the Indians coming in and one of the west coast trip for the yanks and that's how west coast trip should be go in Los Angeles Seattle if you look at the Mets trips this year it is bizarre the schedule that the Mets have had when it comes to the west coast trips because they haven't had that full out clean west coast trip the Mets have in may I'm just looking to make sure we didn't skip anything April may the way immense went to Milwaukee and in San Diego odd before coming back home that's an odd trick Milwaukee in San Diego sensible so the San Diego LA Arizona San Francisco something like that so they do Milwaukee in San Diego on one road trip then they do Los Angeles and Arizona on another road trip okay fine that's a normal one and then they had the the recent one to start the second half of the season to where they had Miami Minnesota and then San Francisco this is bizarre and then they have a Colorado Cincinnati late in September usually they'll do Colorado you know what's a Colorado Arizona Colorado services because so many that Miami Minnesota San Francisco that is a heck of a road trip Milwaukee in San Diego those are odd and in Colorado cincy will be there is not that it's west coast but Colorado those eight forty start anyway I thought that that was weird and you look and you look at the Yankees it should be the way it should be in August Oakland Los Angeles Seattle boom get it done always tough road trips many ideas will probably win one three four seven of the ten actually it's nine the problem one seven of the nine there but those are I mean that's you know your way for a while lizard Aghios a growing it's a grueling week there were ten days or so anyway eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six will get back to your calls on the other side Mets yanks ones over the jets adding to their offense of one or even giants training camp if need be it's a little early to me and we're we're we're in baseball motor especially the Mets getting back into things Yankees being what they are the deadline just passed a little early for me to dive into the football although hearing Collins worth and Michael's on the call last night all fame game that gets you automatically into football mo that it makes me feel like I'm I'm in the middle of September October eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six right now I'm in the in the middle of the talk show will do your calls on the other side to a quick break and we'll get to harass with the update nine from State Farm we have shown in Russia I team manager attempting the forty seventh of her home today's good deed she will attempt to the school to little old lady across the road those.

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