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Right. But I'm saying that was how many years ago? Can you imagine if they experimented with that technology today? I you know for me the problem with the ours just the size. It's can you. Imagine you strapping that's the on a plane. That's just ridiculous van. Until you try have you tried it? Michelle got you're such a dick. Us able you deserve to be the editor in chief of developers. Here rather note. Tiny little tray in front of your chair have a movie theater on your is. It's been as much as I would like to keep this conversation going. I would like we are already ten minutes into this. See this should have been podcast, right? Like like five fifteen minutes segments. Indeed in the so, please you went to availed did write anything there. Okay. First of all what what did you see anything? You just go for the drinks and food while everyone goes there. I was that was really well that will you. So what was there anything like you were really just about over there? So there is one cool product. It's kind of over price. I think the targets they're selling a new backpack that has built in CI wireless charter like one of the pouches. It's kind of ridiculous. I used to have targets bag that had a built it costs two dollars who's going to pay that much for back haul after member does anybody. Remember the those fuel? They were the first bag swing food a battery pack in the in the bag, the I don't remember what the name was like Brandon may be by that thing it was one hundred and fifty dollars back then. And I think that battery pack could barely charge like a small little AA battery today like they were bad, and the battery pack was large the Peguis huge. Like, you know, that's the problem. Those those products. I it's you know, what the sad part is people by the man be cool. If like you move a little and then it gets off the wireless trash out. So what I was about to say, it's a gimmick the pouch kind of like tiny. So is not really much room to move around. But then you've got the problem. Have you have you guys noticed how slow phones charged with cheats, just it defeats the purpose because of our slow we can guess you week it quick charge three battery packs right now like everywhere, it's it's the whole idea of if you do nothing on your phone for. Hours than. Yeah. Put it on the cheap charger or while Sean until you what had imagine when you have to charge that backpack. It has like a little power Bank inside of this actually like removable. Even like, it has to be legally it has to be how many mile, right? Yeah. How many months was? I don't think I don't. I don't remember. It's somewhere on the website. That's also the first time. I've said MAs. Yeah. Like the. Oh, yeah. The battery was one other cool product there. I know idea this actually existed. Fro? I'm sure you guys have heard of planet. Computers that general nine million this year wanted to go actually have a successor. Yeah. They had a prototype there. It's called the Cosmo Cosmo communicator, and like they call it basically the same thing as the V one accept that. As a secondary display in the front. So you don't have to like open it up all the time. Nice. They're only customer went unveil. And you can tell that they knew that because they called it a communicator. It's definitely a niche product. But I mean, I I know of someone like one of my friends has one and they are hardcore through the asked about during PDA's just about anything. They are UK grow up as it's just if somebody gave me a pocket PC two thousand or seats without to Compaq ipaq from back in the day like that user interface was well designed to be used as a PDA. So was so of the palm pilots, whereas Android, not so much. That's the problem. You know, did let me finish. I was talking about there. You cape. May maybe they will do some more along the lines of doctor who and maybe release a sonic suit screwdriver for once. But you know. Fix it pretty much..

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