Donald Trump, Director, Flynn discussed on Bloomberg Law


Of a tower in moscow while trump was campaigning and just before the republican primaries here to talk with us about these very interesting developments in the investigation into the trump campaign his william banks director of the institute for national security and counterterrorism at syracuse university college of law bill this is kind of a strange story but we're back again with former national security director flynn at the center of this investigation indicate what exactly are they looking at here well it's true that dimension bloom could more whom amok whisky luke kuhn a out luke kuhn probably an offer pete lau our political coup bate from come compact meaningful compact trump administration but make your date in look clinton long dnc email he thought he could get out in clinton along put some good will you contact within apparently according to what he's could to close them one before he guy good clue gloomily willing to work with them to michael union now available to the media and one could damage get clinton campaign it's not true course but through the bombshell we going to be or in hello peace we'll we'll see what hoon them so who are going to say about that probably do so you're telling me what we do oh it bill.

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