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But i don't know fell jack fire necessarily shares all the ills between or zinc snx the knicks were were chasing dion waiters that hasn't worked out rage on rondos name has been brought up with this is obviously not a team that's going to make a huge splash and free agency but but where are they about a week or so inter inter inter this offseasons free agency process yeah they're looking for a veteran point guard to help men or frank no akina rookie and what they've told people who talk to them said we don't want overspend we don't want to sign any any older prior to a longterm deal we're looking to get younger and we're looking at do so uh with relatively team friendly contract so you know a tough it's a tough market to be in in general even if you have a lot of money but even if you if you don't have a lot of money like the next with even more difficult so they're having a uh i don't wanna say they're hammer time i don't think they've necessarily gone hard after a player and this out i don't think they've had the money to make a big offer at brook said the leaders and to get turned away even though they've made the biggest offer that had been the case yet they're playing at slow uh dirt roses fill out their version rondos still out there a top the shoving mac as a potential point guard option uh they're checked in on jonathan simmons with the spurs their they're young to way a player on the rise so there are guys on their radar they just don't have the money the outbid people right now so i think they're waiting at the mark lee and i really appreciate you joining us this evening and we'll uh we'll catch up with you soon my pleasure power thanks for having me take care you'd begley via p in new york and the talking about all the chaos with the knicks boy i tell you our time here grow short in it's very sad thing molineaux your said you get a lot of radio today but we're going to save the best for what we're about to do next um some mba sightings you may have missed in one very very underrated signing that just took place next it's mojo egger matt moseley on espn radio and the espionage up.

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