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It's forgotten my mom. Told me that she saw she my mom's respiratory therapists and she heard that a lot of the things The keeps throwing everybody on ventilators so quick because they're afraid of They thought they thought in the beginning that giving people maximum she told me that And I don't know the science but my mom said that people were coming in for right now normally they would give them Max Oxygen. But they weren't doing that because they thought it might make the disease. Go airborne and Aerosol so it when people are coming in with like any kind of respiratory distress they were shoving them right on right on ventilators and when the ventilator breathing for you I guess just no matter just part of the side effects of that as your your long sorta stiffen up a bit because something's breathing for you and that has something to do it again. I don't WanNa fuck and say dumb science here but that's got some people are dying from this way. It affects some people they're gonNA ventilators. That's the thing that's killing at. It'd be a problem science because the best scientists in the world already did the worst science of all so now get out of the way. It's our turn to do the science. Maybe doctor Faustus can go start a podcast. If he wants to let somebody else do the science it is the dude. It's really they're saying now that like eighty percent of the ventilator use has done more harm than good and again I don't fucking know this is just like what I'm reading but it seemed like all of their fucking projections were way over estimated. It seems like all of the fucking shit about the healthcare system. The hospitals being overwhelmed which was a big fear. That's why we're doing all. This is because they said the hospitals. We're GONNA be overwhelmed. And they're really not even in New York. They're not being overwhelmed and shows neither. Are they seeing things? But they are being pretty lying there fucking lying and they've been lying for weeks. They've videos the videos on the news. It's funny every video I've seen. It's never overwhelm hospital. It's they'll do the stock footage of one person in a wheelchair going down the hallway and then just rotated every ten minutes crazy. Shot like propaganda. You know from elmhurst. Look like fucking propaganda. I mean it was scary music playing and they're like the doctor around all the people you see here are all covert patients and there's four people in the video keep on asking people like who. Why don't know anybody that's died? I know a friend of the family. Who's a very unhealthy chick in Nascar died from the Jay's grandmother Cream Greens on exactly which by the way but I don't I don't know here's the thing and it's sad to say and I don't want to. This isn't disrespecting Corinne Grande Zana urge as mom grandma grandma but the reality Word Lewis his MOMS. The reality is that you know. Look chasing not have a great Thanksgiving this year. You know it's it's just not. It sounds really harsh. But it's like no. I don't personally know anybody you don't know and all four of us. Nobody on the Stream knows anyway. The Dutch we know a friend of a grandmother of a friend that died. That is one person. I know several people. I know several people who I think had it. We've known anybody this week. And it wasn't from Corona. Oh sure she's an ICU. Nurse in the city and she tested positive for it and she's been treating people so I mean it's like the virus saying that people don't have saying that people aren't dying of it the way that the saying so I know people that die of cancer them. Some people are dying of it. I guess the thing is like yes. To what extent were these lockdowns necessary? Because they do have a not just an economic impact. That was the thing that was the most obnoxious is like the starting people like lives are worth more than than a Wall Street. And it's like okay. It's not Wall Street. Wall Street will be fine. Yeah Wall Street's okay. It's all business. It's literally the guys that are fucking the mom and pop shops. Who have to close. What Wall Street Wall Street's better than ever? They're getting like trillions of dollars in free money issue is like real people's names that would love and twelve hundred dollar. Check anybody there okay. The people who are fucking billionaires already are okay but this is getting fucked in the ASS This this is what I think is fucking insane is that I see like so in fucking in a couple days period like a fucking nick was saying the what is the I H M e they. They're like the leaders and they. They go from projecting two hundred thousand deaths and they they move it down to sixty thousand deaths and this is with accounting for all the shit. We're doing social distancing and all that and so it's like Oh shit. The number came way way down and then in New York the epicenter. The fucking curve is like flattening and the number of hospitalizations are going down check. That's still happening. Everything's does panting like they had a decrease in the united. See you which is not a curve. Its soul of its. We've already hit the APEX. And we're coming down. And then you turn on the nightly news and like bump bump bump bump a new number and deaths and Blah Blah Blah and. You're like oh come on. I mean you're not even going to mention that there's all this good news you're just gonNA keep playing like that more people have died. It's why don't you start off by saying I've been saying. Well what am I? What am I gonNA wrong about Dave at any point? 'cause I've been saying this for stronghold on actually public the pass this. Here's what you've been wrong. I've been saying Lewis. You said you ask the question. You said I think four weeks ago into we understand no I I was. I didn't think that I did not think that people were this fucking stupid and that the media and that everybody would fucking jump on board with this and that we would shut down society. It didn't make sense to me the issue in here a little bit. I guess half the people that are out there are going. Yeah keeps shutting down tonight. We talked about. This is a fucking political thing. The fifty percent of the people that are on wide having a discussion about that we should keep on shutting down. Society should not reopened was. Won't walk back out of this. They won't because of the optics of it now. It's no longer about fucking science or data it's going to be. When can we back out of this? That makes us look like we have the moral high ground over the president who is just out of his mind. He has never been in the four years. He's been in office. This is the least. He's given a shit about anything. Fucking not consistent on that it would be nice if he could have been trump about this but he hasn't been he's like just fucking like I duNNo. Maybe now it's you don't know what his position is going to be on it from day to day the only time he's being donald trump is when he's telling some reporter that he's going to be like has no future in journalism while the just pretty hot and everybody is like you know those shut down a store because they'll be like you know. The whole drugstores like Adele. Your some exotic Alec Brenda got it. We shut this whole place down and then like but when you hear that you picture like Brenda's like you know as her family praying around her because she's like you know At death's door but she's probably at home watching that flicks adds was not saying enough of Illinois to keep giving the numbers like they had like. All you ever see is like this per- this people died this person's dying look how weird it is. Well he's bodies piled up in this thing. They're really not giving you very much of a and I said that Chris Cuomo Guy Dude. That was the best like A. I think soda said that he was like he had a fucking ebeneezer scrooge night he described. Everybody also get sick from this as a high fevers. Just like yet sucks. You sleep and aches. He's the only one I was visited by my father and technology friends younger. That's bullshit doodling on this motherfucker. That his like by like like a like familial lineage is like a fucking father is the governor. His brother is now the governor. He's on the media wing. He's selling this fucking things being this like. Yeah you know vision from you. Know God or whatever this horrific fucking disease and it's like let's stop for a second and just consider the position that he's in H. R. And why why it is necessary for him to make this thing seem so fucking. Bat Kathy Griffin literally did crisis acting. She fucking went on twitter and said like I have corona virus and I can't get tested and then it turns out she said fucking like Crohn's disease or something no. I didn't see that really. Yes and it's like. This is a public health crisis. We're in the middle of a fucking and it's like for her to do that. It's like everybody's Shits on fucking rain is easy for pretending to be in nine eleven going out and see has corona virus when the celebrities say things. They don't realize are super pompous. I mean the the. Psa's Christine was telling me that they should you see the Larry? David wanted it was kinda sweet. But I'm like not that sweet as everyone. Just stay home and watch TV. It's all we're asking you to do. What's the big deal deal? It's like like probably not a big deal. When you probably have an acre of land you can go back in pool and fucking maybe. It's probably not that big of a person brings you all of your at your whim or your Medicaid. Whatever the fuck you need. Yeah there's no problem and fucking the celebrities who are fucking like face timing from their mansions being like. What's the big deal? Just stay? Home is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life while there's literally some fucking dude out there who's got three fuck independence and has just lost his fucking job and you're going what just hang out in your mansion and fucking relax for a little bit. I I fucking hope. You got your private lake. Do I mean I? I hope those people get the Chris Cuomo version of Corona virus out of their homes and raped and murdered in the streets. I'm just going to say chipped a tooth and see their dead. Dad's whatever you you don't have your own avatar machine where you want inside but there's also a thing interesting assaulting pay dinosaur fly. I saw pink pink and her son got it. And whenever it's like me and my some were both Positive for corona virus and You know through the we we got through it. It was it was tough times. But you know we got through as a family and Blah Blah Blah. We are tested again today Negative so we're all clear in buffalo years like four tests. That's definitely because your pink. There's no there's people who can't get to you know like my mom's even said like they're not testing my mom's right there in it and.

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