Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, President Trump discussed on The Andrew Klavan Show - Ep. 369 - CNN Crushed by Godzilla Trump


They spun at that way from the left and from some never trump conservative circles they were then told they had a moral responsibility to resign meanwhile on the breitbart right they were being coal traders and worst they are they will labeled white house globalist out to undermine donald trump's agenda would help drive out strategist steve bannon the cry with mr them to be booted out so this is what these guys are doing should they resign you know this is the idea of what the buses doing but let me just point to a story couple stores the story about mizzou which is the flagship of the university of missouri a you remember back in october 2015 student activists claimed that university was races he said administrators of list of demands the president of the university of missouri system should resign after delivering a handwritten apology acknowledging his white male privilege but they want the curriculum should include comprehensive racial awareness and inclusion training i would prefer tall have speak english and do math ten percent of the faculty and staff should be black so we're going to buy into the whole races narrative two weeks later a student announced he was going on a hunger strike the football teams refused to practice replay until the university met the demands protestors occupied the quad administrators bent over backwards to accommodate them even providing a power stripped so they could charge phones and a generator and remember the communications instructor melissa click who said give me some muscle to get this reporter off remember that moment is your see the picture of her okay.

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