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I remember just asking her like you try to find out what the what a person does that day. You try if you very little time with somebody. A good thing to do is ask them like, what did you what have you done today? So you can kind of say this, they're doing this after doing this this day, and that way people. Kind of like you spent a little bit more time. So, but she has. What? What did you? What did you eat at catering? And I was curious to what she picks out, but she didn't want to answer that, but she just she didn't see conceive two steps ahead of whatever you're dealing. But so you get that like I said with love done Bairo how many thousand InterVision you can tell right away. If someone Some of them. one One answer. answer something for me injury in me, and there's certain someone will say something. It pisses me off maybe even indirectly. You really shutdown. Yeah. And there's other interviews that all-talk all day because it's fun just once I, I gotta get outta here. Yeah, someone ever asked me so. If it's if it's resting. So how'd you get into wrestling or how'd you? How'd you start with falsies? Oh my gosh, dude. Yeah. After seventeen years, twenty. Seven years. That's what you're opening with. Yeah. What kind of an answer do you want? So you have to be careful as journalists you asking, like you said, if you asked her, would you have you could be thinking, what does this guy care what I've had to eat, she's done. Yeah, right. It's hard like you said, the Muffin stunned. Got you. You were done. Yeah, right. He was done and and then I saw, yeah, it's all right, but nine thousand nine hundred nine tour after two years later. And she came up and said, oh, we were. We were in the room where the team gets the massages. I remember we were doing the interview there. She's just very smart and remembers everyone by their name and knows their kids names and. She's radio, the radio. She's just very, I don't think it's insincere. I think she's, I think she's just affable person, but she's very good at, but yes. Some others that you mentioned the, it's interesting you talk about and I want to talk about young as well, but Rolling Stone is very much Springsteen friendly, YouTube friendly. Have you had experience with Metallica friendly? Yeah. Do you get sent out on those type of things as well? You have conversations with those? Yeah. See, we'll. U2.. Yeah, I've talked to borrow before. I mean McCartney that the hall of fame that was the rock and Roll Hall of fame when Ringo was inducted that year. So yeah, McCartney inducted Ringo which was really cool to see them playing together. Yeah. And. Afterwards. I always wanted to talk to Paul McCartney and he was just his publicist had shut me down and said, no, he's not doing any interviews. He was pretending he was just standing on stage and people were crowding around him like the Beatles. And so I just kind of went up and he just sorta just turned. It was just all happened the right way. And then I said, I'm here with Rolling Stone. Can I ask you some questions? We ended up doing a several minutes and just on the fly. He said, okay, he said, okay, and then he did it in a lot of balls. He, those are the toughest ones. The hall of fame is just interesting because you're trying to catch people on the fly. And Tom waits is another one. He was inducting Neil young or they played together, I remember, but he wouldn't. He had his publicist said no to interview, and then he was just standing there and then some of the editors, this is what I had just started. And they said, you know, we'll really, they're kind of. Busting my balls a little over this. If you get an interview with Tom waits that would be great for your career. So I went up to him and and then I said, I work at Rolling Stone a couple of the editors talking to me about really wanting to get an interview with you. And would you answer just a question about what it means to be here? And then he said, oh, yeah. Okay. No. And then his wife said, you gotta go. And so you just have to joke Paul, but Paul did Paul, Paul did and actually Ryan high, was it backstage?.

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