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Zone club I met plummets alone with Ben Clements. Our show probably brought you by covert in bass drop. They were closed today, but they'll be open tomorrow. Supreme lending. Thank you, John McClellan and crew it supreme lending where Rachel loader re finance Also, Ben, did you know John McClellan has some new hot sauce? We'll be talking about that in the coming weeks also brought to you by Tito's handmade vodka, our bank and to Patrick and 50 to 20 to burn it rode with us now on the Enzo Club. Live line is my long time friend Ted Koy, the former Texas Longhorn former Oakland Raider. Former Buffalo Bill Ted, of course, was a member of the 1969 national championship football team in the backfield with Jim Burlison and James Street. He's in the Longhorn Hall of Honor. This is a great trivia question. Ben. I'd like to tell people named the family with the most people in the Hall of Honor. It's the coy's teddy, his brother Ernie and his dad already senior. Although the Longhorn Hall of Honor, Ted was a second round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders play for the Raiders one year, then played for the Buffalo Bills from 1971 through 1974. When you look at Longhorn royalty, it is the koi family. Ted. Welcome back to K. L. B. J. And how are you this afternoon, My friend. I'm doing good head and for nice to be a part of your show. Well, I'm glad you're with us. We've been longtime friends and it was started. And at this point of privilege, Ben Clements, You know this teddy sister Margaret, and you're at Patty were roommates at the University of Texas. I saw Ted play a football game. I guess the first time I saw you play football. Ted was at the All Star game. Might have been 67 May 1 was out of 67 or 68. I was set. What? Your mom and dad down on you. When was that? Teddy 66? That would have been 66 66. I sat with your mom. And your dad and Margaret down there and my brother buddy at Rice Stadium, your all Star game And what a career you've had. I gotta ask you. What about Buffalo tomorrow, going deep in the playoffs? Your thoughts about the Buffalo Bills playing the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow, you got to be proud of the former Buffalo Bill. I really am. Buffalo was very, uh, has a very special part for me. I was able to play for the bills, and the thing he had I remember about Buffalo is the loyalty of their fans and First year I got there. We were absolutely a horrible team. I won't go into the long story about that. But we're in those days. The NFL teams played 14 games and we won one gun 1 14 absolutely pitiful. Uh, But even with the bills, fans showed up, they were there's much energized. And for me now to see them. I'm I'm really, uh I was, uh, talking the other day and just telling somebody about how Santa was that this pandemic is cut the crowd down because those folks in buffalo really deserve to sit and enjoy the winning season that they had this year, so gotta pull for the bill. But I'm glad you mentioned that Ted because I was wondering about the defects of having no fans. Do you think in this case in tomorrow night's game? Is this gonna help the bills or is it going to hurt the chief's not having any fans there? You know, I do think in this day and time of the culture of the football, I think it's more of a hurt that the Jews because own crowds really get into it. They kind of you know what you want your players and after you make this cake and you're on the road, and the home crowd is really tearing, it just sort of magnifies. You're early on and close. You know when you do something good. Did another thing about 10 or not for the crowd to get quiet if you're on the road, and we do something great score touchdown, and in the quiet time, you know that's good. Yes, I think it's more of a Hertz the chief and then, uh, would be perfect The bills. Head. When you play pro football you played for the Oakland Raiders. You were drafted by the Raiders and you went to the Buffalo Bills. What was the biggest difference playing in Oakland versus playing in Buffalo? They're good question. Uh, the farm aid. The organization was the biggest difference. I'll go. This at the time when I was with Oakland was the owner accident. He called it the managing general partner, But he ran Oakland very organized very, very much on top of things. And then when I get the Buffalo. It had. It was no fault of any one person. But the owner Ralph Wilson, and the coach, head coach John Rounds at the time, had a fall out. Then he quit right. It started season. So everything resistance samples I got there, so that was the biggest difference. The other thing environmentally speaking with the weather. There are leads the Bay Area and I go to the snow. He and the fun buffalo, So that was a big difference. Did I want to ask you real quick Before we get back to the bills. I won't ask you about Tom Brady. And what do you think about how honestly he's kept his dominance up for the past 15 years and him going to a new program in Tampa Bay and continuing his dominance the NFL do you think we'll ever see anybody as good as Tom Brady? And you think we've said we never seen anybody as good as him? Well, it Zohar to compare apples on apples through the different generations. Like when I was with Oakland, I was playing with George Blanda, uh, totally different scenario than Tom Brady. But you know, here's a guy that I followed as a junior high kid. When I lived outside of Houston, he was the old Return Houston Oiler quarterback and he gets settled out because of his age and then fast forward a few years later there, he and I are teammates with Buffalo, and I think he played into his fifties. The point I'm making, though. Is, uh different generations now, but he takes care of himself a whole lot different than George planned A. But when you have a guy that has been around the league that long they carry a lot of influence. And, uh, course Brady has ah, lot of discipline and and steps that he goes through the train yourself continually, and that was off to another team member. So I think that's a I think his Present carries a big influence as well as his skill out on field. Head Coy's with US, a former Longhorn great former NFL player for Oakland and Buffalo. The Bills play Kansas City tomorrow, Teddy When you were Buffalo, you had a famous teammate by the name of O..

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