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Buck log. And i'm lexie kat. Rise is the latest from the newsroom. It's wednesday the fourth of november. Well it's all about the us election today. And donald trump is one the crucial battleground of florida which gave him a big win early in the rice trump desperately needed to win this case diet in order to stand a chance in the election as democratic candidate joe biden will. He's so far. Outperforms hillary clinton in many other parts of the country and has been mounting a strong challenge in several states. Trump won four years ago. Now at the time of recording. This podcast it's just to led colo gonna touch on you election harlot balki heat me. Thank you alexi well. Melania trump sparked outrage by not wearing a face mask while voting in florida. Now the first lady who recently had cove in nineteen was the only person at the polling place not wearing a mosque in other election years and supporting donald trump. prove to be costly for rapper. Lil wayne. His girlfriend has dumped. Him just dies out three posed for a photo with the us president with a friend telling neil post his support. Trump was a big factor in her decision. Little wine must be in pain. You can get up tonight. Election results an us dot com delay. Back home now. New suppliers lyles permeate gladys bear. G clean has announced that the state's border to victoria will up on november twenty. Three ms berejiklian said she was announcing the change now to give people artists and time to make travel. Plans comes as new south. Wales reported nine cases of coronavirus overnight with three of them locally. Acquired now those three community cases a household context of nine cases and have been oscillating dealing new south wales and a teenage boy has been arrested over an alleged copycat email threat which forced hundreds of students to evacuate a boys. School in sydney's north. The boy is accused of sending a threatening email to north sydney boys school just days after dozens of email threats were received by more than thirty high schools in the state. Police searched a home in sydney south this morning and seized a computer and a mobile phone. A teenage boy was then arrested and is expected to be charged over the north sydney boys incident. We'll be back in just moment or two wintertime now and call. Sandilands was in tears. Today's he apologized to former bachelorette an sis. Australia sta elliott trian. Now kyle has poked fun at alley on the radio quite a few times and he often brings up a dodgy story from pasta right but listen to this so i just wanted to say from where i am to you that i regret that. I didn't realize that you were gone through such a tough time. You calling his It's a scary thing and you know it felt fun at the time and then you don't realize until you see someone getting emotional about it you think. Oh yeah on a second. The these are real people. Forget sometimes people on tv are real human beings happy to report that la accepted. 'cause apology good on kyle and in some sad news. Legendary australian swim coach. Don talbot has died aged. Eighty seven tablet was at the helm as ozzy's ended in the pools during the nineteen ninety s and early two thousand and was credited with helping the country achieve. Sorry much success. He's a member of the international swimming hall of fame and in nineteen ninety was inducted.

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