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Budapest, Hungary, your English is pretty good. Even though you came. Here's a little girl at the I would really really hard on getting rid of that. Because when you're younger, and you have an accent and you in school, it's not too good. Can you remember the accent? Can you do that? Now, probably not because some woods gone though. Isn't it? They also up and I have a dull sons, and they will point it out to me a little like a Russian accent. It's a real big different. And I'll tell you that this is funny. My mother didn't really lose accent that much though, she really did lose a lot of it. Because she was in the dull twin she came over. And we were talking about computers and my son's telling her what when you get on that you go on WWW. Right. She kept going. What will you will? Not what will you? How close is. Budapest from Transylvania. Treats that flood because Transylvania used to be part of Hungary. Then it became more for mania. Yeah. Even to this day still shifting, you know, so you can be born in a house in will mania and somebody can be born the next day. And it's hopefully Dracula was really was called Vlad the Impaler. Yes. And actually if you talk to people in that country, not the ones that are looking at toy right into the actually looked at him as somebody very positive because division. He went that extremist. He was protecting his village and his that's right. He would hang the heads of his enemies on sticks. The road. Yeah. I I would not want to go into that town. I wouldn't want to end up as a stick. Right. All right. Let's go to the phones. Again. Let's go to Denise and Kansas City, Missouri. Hi, Denise, welcome. Hi, how are you? Taking my call question. Yes. I do. I would like to ask your guest if she can say do a reading for me and tell me anything about what she sees going on in my marriage life. Marriage. Life is like Joseph early summer just wanted to know what direction it's going in. Yes. Okay. So this is the way it works. What is going to tell you is what is the best direction for you? So you can make a decision. Thank you. Because you have free will. It's not going to tell you this exactly what the knees where is he is right next to you. Or what? Now, he's not white Nate semi. There's the problem with go ahead. Okay. So this is what is what is best to. You is not to be there. What it saying is you've outgrown him. If not that he's negative. It's not that you should not have been with him now to change the answers because we always look for the positive and how to fix it. Change the answer your best way to change that to a positive and turn it around. It's to be aware that your biggest problem is communication. So if you can communicate what's not really you. So if you can get them to communicate better with you, and you improve on that level into relationship that would change the answer to you should today. But unless you can change that you bet direction, you know, for yourself is really to move on. I'm sorry. But that's what I'm saying. I don't want to get you to. Well, totally agreed with us. Denise. Very welcomed. Try changing.

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