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Like another one. You'll likely i couldn't believe it. When i heard him say this boy. Somebody goes to the free. Throw line to shoot it. Boy hardest shot in the world right there right just like you're standing there. Everybody expects you to get everybody lodge against like there's some truth you are because also the last thing that i knew. I had to bring up with you. Dwayne gave me the entire rundown of every time. The milwaukee bucks played in the nba finals. So i wanna give trivia here okay. I finals the bucks appeared in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy one. They want it. Do they play celtics. no they played. I believe the baltimore bullets. Right swept the baltimore bullets. Nineteen seventy four the bucks make. Nba finals again. Who did they play. That was going to say. The sons allies lost that one seven games. Not just like nazism lakers. Here's crazy thing. The milwaukee bucks were in the western conference at saint. Louis hawks was good gas gas now. That was way earlier those early so he lost to eastern conference. Team is what you're telling an eastern conference team and that's what threw me off. They're getting in the stream team here. It was celtics. One early seventies.

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