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Mack said she's in the kitchen macarena moan and stepped around the truck. John and bud were sitting on the grass and the edge of the gravel leaning against a tree. What do you think mack said. The one that struck all bud here. John said never left as why we didn't see a car. They hit the dome waiter. I'd say they were planning on taking joanna. John held up the gun. I'm flying here. You go up and check on her and the dog mac just entered the apartment with. John hurt a car coming down the driveway. He nudged bud around for side of the tree than raised the gun figuring take out the driver. But when the austin healey came into sight he wrested the gun on his leg. Healy skidded sideways. To haul. the gravel terry scrambled out random. John side plot. Our killer never left came up the dome later after joanna budgets got in the way he'll be fine terry didn't hear the last part about but because he was sprinting up the steps he burst into the apartment. Follow the voices to the kitchen. Joanna was leaning on the counter. Stand at over rusty joanna. She ran into his open arms. Oh god terry. The murder came up. The dumb waiter said. I never should have come to dungeness. Bay would have shot me when he raised the gun. Rusty charged to nishat him. Stand stood came over. I've got sedated. The bowl trimmed the skin off the top of his head and cottam just above the tail. He'll be fine but judging from the blood and skin cloth in his mouth and the trail of blood leading to the dome waiter. I'd say he got his pound of flesh so to speak. It'll be out for about an hour. Mac walked up places clean. Drought took terry's had us go down and check on stanford medical bag in hand. He and mac played twenty questions with the teen. Stand finally pulled some pills from his bag to dis but had made a face. Hey don't worry down. Said i keep them in my bag for me. I've had a rough day. Joanna ran a hand through. Her hair thinks have spiraled out of control but we need to stay firm with the plan. That's an understatement. Mack said i say this whole business has gone way out of control. He looked sternly at joanna. Someone just tried to kill you and we still have two days before the investigator gets here and we can trap the murder. Please join us it if we falter. Now this'll be for nothing especially if he gets away. Be sure to listen tomorrow to chapter forty six and forty seven. Find out how the trap is set. And how joanna recovers and how bud recovers..

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