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And like, and then the hip hop community was kind of trying to take a hold of it too. So we played this festival in outside of DC. Right. What was the name of it? Was that true electro? Yes. It was early right? Which was which is such a cool concept. It was probably one of the only few hip hop EDM and shout out to electro shout to DC to BC and all those like because I ended up hanging with those guys for years afterwards and electoral became a big thing for years. They've moved on to do other events. They're all doing big shit. But yeah, that was a very forward thinking was and they would they would combine. Yeah. An with a hip hop act and things like that. But in this case, the combined me with with Dougie fresh. Rush who was opening for us and emceeing the whole fan. Yeah. I mean, we came in kinda toward them. Maybe he was doing it the whole time. But he definitely did his performance right before us. It was supposed to be like a ten fifteen minute performance is supposed to do like, I don't even know beat box and like bebop over like Mona Lisa slick, Rick or something he did. He did this little quick set. But he was opposed to introduce us. But he didn't know how to say our name. He didn't know who we were. And so he's trying to remember it you could feel like he was really struggling to like intro, and he was kind of like it's almost like a comedian like you're sort of buying tie. And he starts like he had his DJ run the beat back like six different times on like. Yeah. Like some slick Rick instrumental and he's starting to shout his restaurant in New York. And he's like you like chanted. He like had the crowd like do a call and response Chan of the phone numbers address. He's like he's like thirty five thirty seventeen seventeen Wes west magnolia boulevard. Even. We're not making this realist. And so he's just like eating up into our set. So the now are getting shorter and shorter and shorter. And like, it's pushing the curfew back. Everything's getting all weird. He's like eating this time. Finally, someone says to I don't know what somehow he ended, but you could just tell you milking it and trying to figure out how to interest and finally he did. And we get on and curfew is probably like ten minutes into our set or something like that. So we're super bass heavy ADM AC so the first few songs are just getting lit the basis going. It's going crazy and then curfew hits like midnight, and they just cut off all the subs. And so just the sun. Just the suds. So there's no base for the last whatever forty five minutes. And so it just was like it went from lit to shit, and like no time, and what you know, what this is. Actually, I think this is the perfect note to end it on because even though the subs were gone. I still remember the crowd didn't stop going through. It's like that moment when the lights come on the club. And nobody wants to leave you like the crowd just kept going crazy because it was putting nation. It was like your people, you know. So it almost didn't even matter. And I do remember that feeling really special to and I think that's something you've been able to carry like from that stupid moment. All the way through like, that's that's the vibe. I always associate you with man. And I think that's why I'm stoked you're still here doing it, man. Thank you, man. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm going to continue to try to do this, man. I love I love what I do. So I'm going to keep doing this until I can't anymore under percent. And well, there's been great. I think we're done. Yeah. Yeah. Shadow Surata Joe shots for real. I've been using you guys since way way back. So thank you for doing this still to this day, baby. Yeah. For real. Yeah. This no, man. Hopefully, we can come back and do this again sometime. Thank you, brother. Yeah. Thank you. That's the show shout out the flaws for shadow disarray for bringing us together. That was so much fun. I hope everybody out there had a great time listening to it as well. My name is willy joy, don't forget. You can always hit me up back to back pod, mail dot com, or at Willie joy

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