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Michael and son Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to Jack Taylor in the traffic center man it is super windy out there get a good grip on the wheel watch for debris kind of blowing around the roadways So take it easy out there Now we've already got a broken down tractor trailer It's reported on the beltway in Virginia outer loop on the Woodrow Wilson bridge and the through lanes that's along the right side of the roadway 66 looking good Good start Gainesville east all the way toward Rosalind should find your travel lanes open No worries yet at a Stafford 95 north moving through woodbridge headed into Springfield north on to three 95 all the way up toward the inbound 14th street bridge should find your travel lanes open All right we did have some activity downtown Unfortunately it sounds like some construction signs blowing around the roadway inbound Douglas bridge just above the anacostia got the left side of the roadway tied up then inbound south capital street before nad's park also more debris in that left lane Now there was a crash not causing a huge delay but it is slow coming inbound on the 11th street bridge after you merge with D.C. two 95 and I two 95 you're going to find the right side of the road where you're continuing to get by Otherwise no early troubles If you're making the trip on itune 95 north out of oxen cove could start leaving eastern avenue in south onto D.C. two 95 All right in Maryland trouble on the northbound lanes Baltimore Washington Parkway before one 75 there is a wreck blocking the right lane crash under direction in Germantown westbound middlebrook road after great Seneca highway and we'd had unfortunate issues up in west friendship one 44 at fed for corn here we'd had some downed wires the roadway is closed follow police direction Two 70 looks good going south out of Frederick so far but again keep an eye out Again you've got vehicles that are in their lane Get a good gust to win Everybody kind of shifts over a little bit So do be careful Traffic is brought to you by navy federal credit union Proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families The members are the mission Learn more at navy federal dot org Jack taped the WTO P traffic It looks like that wind is going to be an issue for us this morning Here's my extent There's a high wind warning for northern Maryland until 10 o'clock the rest of us under a wind advisory until ten this morning when Gus.

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