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Homes glued you put in there kick oatmeal does like bones and glue it a little bit of water it's a conetst oh man today's if a newlyformed you're the yesterday we should united as sony this last night i think the wet blanket was the logan paul thing yeah but yeah no i watched a video and now was like almost like a catharsis for me what do you mean i don't know what that word means catharsis it's like a it's like like a look we have like winning hand yahaya yeah i did know them here it's like when you was a when it went away wayne wang women went away women goes down down yeah i i got gotta it i gotta go i think you i give it you know i did get his i felt like you said i felt like you made real observations about like you watched it and inform your own conclusion i felt ero and also like he did a thing and it was bad which is you know whatever but we don't need a hundred seventy two videos of he did a bad thing yeah i think the takeaways where the real takeaways one he just doesn't have a idea of what's mike what's okay anymore yeah that is not on the fucking front of his brain and uh yeah it if you have younger people and you like be careful i think that's the biggest one yeah beat because you can't you can't leave it to logan paul to raise your kid or entertainer kid or end little sister oda now i know in and now people is there was a buzzfeed article this morning about like parents that are now being more careful there was like interviews basie with with young parents or parents that had you know eight to twelve year olds or whatever who previous previously like jake paul logan paul and they're like they're like turning them onto different people announced servian it's like it's like you know.

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