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Have been indicted in connection to the death of a fraternity pledge at Ohio University last year called line of Dublin died at an auxiliary house of sigma pies Absalon chapter in Athens after a night of hazing charges include preventing drug abuse involuntary manslaughter reckless homicide hazing and trafficking in cocaine the corner says why it died of asphyxiation from ingesting it nitrous oxide a Logan county woman has avoided the death penalty with the plea deal for killing her three young sons ABC six is Tom Bosco says the killings by Britney Pilkington go back five years infant Nile died in July of two thousand fourteen five year old Gavin died in April of two thousand fifteen and baby Noah died just four months later prosecutors accused her of smothering the children which she confessed to detectives after a long night of questioning what part of that confession was thrown out she was arrested in twenty fifteen her sentences thirty seven years to life behind bars new restrictions on travel reimbursements now plays for members of the Columbus city school board the board board voted Tuesday to not reimburse travel expenses for board members that are in the last six months of their terms and no more than three board members can attend conferences out of state at the time falls in ABC six report that the board spent ten thousand dollars on a trip for for board members to Miami in September two of those numbers were not seeking reelection this year a key witness in the impeachment inquiry about to take his place at the witness table maybe Caesar Turkey says ambassador Gordon silence already revised his testimony once before investor Gordon someone has conceded he told a top Ukranian official four hundred million dollars in frozen security aid would not flow until the country publicly committed to investigate chill and hunter Biden as well as at the bunk conspiracy theory about the origin of the Russia investigation if that wasn't what president trump wanted committee members are likely to ask why would Solomon deliver such a message someone is also expected to face questions about a phone call during which another impeachment witness said he over heard president trump talking about investigations Aron Kader ski ABC news Republicans are attacking Democrats over the on going house impeachment investigation in the latest impeachment hearing Devin newness called an impeachment sham and previous hearings I've outlined three questions the Democrats and the media don't want ask.

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