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To take it yeah it's true so how's it going he said tell the story this is off the air I'd like you know five thirty so so we're about to go on here and then and then Frank because how you told a story on the air so now they know no I didn't say on there I think you told us the story on Friday and I said to you Joe do you remember him telling us this story and you said yes but I don't know that he told it on the air so now we both remember hearing this story on Friday that's right and yet we have to sit through it again yesterday and then our the crazy one right because we remember because the story happened at two in the afternoon on Friday our show is on from six AM to ten AM correct yeah so that happened after the fact yeah right so how could I have told you on Friday whatever happened Friday afternoon he T. T. told us yeah another version of this story Dunkin donuts if you call the only she called me from home she was she was after I secured my toilet paper on Friday I called my whole life there because that's a story in itself you read the Duane Reade you got toilet paper and read across the street have your look yeah and they said per person great so I get these two packages of ten rolls each inbox as quick as I walked down Broadway like I was a champion some guy said to me appropriate was worth more than the stock market I got that right okay so I guess I'm I'm driving home I call my momma should you need anything she's I need toilet paper it's all great I just worked for the paper I will bring you ten role so that you have to choose what kind is it I said what the story before no I yeah I I I said I have one ply toilet paper so I get a pause on the other end of the line and she goes I really want to play a single biggest point can you point me to what I said let me see if I call my mother my mother in law happens have to pledge to drop me off a few rolls great I take a nap I get up I eat lunch I'm about to leave my home and my phone rings and it's Dunkin donuts I go why is Dunkin donuts coffee in order anything from Dunkin donuts and even though they had been ordered to I think of the phone it's my mother at the Dunkin donuts brand mistreatment of she goes I went to the wall greens I got toilet paper what's the matter with you so now you have your nine Apollon hello I have no but I see through the story thrice now now the listeners have heard it what one right they've only heard once eleven and yet they feel like they've heard it a hundred Alamy I'm Alan the put me on the island listen if you listen you guys without his offensive I look across the board and they say out and he shakes his head like I'm not gonna say anything else it really gets offended you get the fact that you are so Italian I think you call your sister it's a good it's quite a lot yeah come on come on hello call mark Coleman is what you know what at least she still has a job she's working at a Starbucks that has a drive thru because each of them Starbucks wrong weeks allergen I'm checking on you know I love you I love hope all is well I don't second I don't not love my sister I just don't want to speak to her it sounds like a very loving relationship it's a great relationship very well this is I would tell you like you say that when she divorces her husband it happened again okay so I got to tell me all I could think of and it was my uncle anymore absolutely adored and it was I told you this before played the but he was playing what was it uncle Jimmy one of the other uncles they plain peanuts they play the alkaline will play their own car it was like uncle Jimmy uncle next to me is that the next yelling didn't talk for seven years thank you all times come on we can all join together out but you gotta join together no maybe not thank you alright John hammock will knock him you got it join together calm this is togetherness it's time for family and love everyone not gonna happen Hey the first iota of your soul you got me to talk to your sister you Keyhoe a CEO of kings bridges strategies are traded by that we're gonna check out what's going on with the economy with the stocks the impact on Long Island Mike Lindell is going to call in in the eight o'clock hour so stay tuned for that Mike was great with the president I so applaud our friend Mike Lindell for speaking out and just just giving his faith that you know a twenty second shot out of course he's criticized on social media we I in my opinion you need more god in our lives these days kind of computer king as well Mike Gallagher doctor Allen Kate is is the president of troll college in New York medical college Dr Allen will join us at nine o'clock any question that you have you may want to just jot it down and then you give us a call eight seven seven nine seven no twenty nine ninety nine in the nine o'clock hour we will do our pandemic twenty twenty a segment of the program so and I was glad to headline news now I think Frank when you call the sister get on the phone so if the round hits of the news he could talk to news we only got a couple more hours we're doing great seven thirty seven and outstanding by right here on A. M. nine seventy the answer love and peace of this is a M. nine seven the answer forty two degrees at seven thirty eight AM L. get too low with local news first here's what's going on in indoor training facility on the grounds of the U. S. open tennis center in queens being transformed into a temporary hospital to help the city deal with the surge of covert nineteen patients the training area at the Billie Jean King national tennis center will be able to house three hundred and fifty beds for non covert nineteen patients Louis Armstrong stadium was going to be used as a commissary to put together a meals for patients healthcare workers and public school children it's expected about twenty five thousand meals will be made there every day the mayor of Carteret New Jersey Daniel Ryman has announced he has tested positive for the corona virus and a self quarantine himself in his home run in his forty three says Dr told me been in contact with people who tested positive he began feeling symptoms consistent with the virus include fever muscle pain in a cough he was then tested for covert nineteen stuck in traffic.

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A new story from The Joe Piscopo Morning

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