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Leading man, but he to me, he lost to me. He became cynical so when I go back Lauren laptops. Yes, so I go back and look at his performances from his younger days, and some of his brilliance, and yet a failed TV show recently because to me, he just doesn't look like he's working hard. Hard. He doesn't look like he's trying. He doesn't look like he cares. And that comes off on camera I thought the writing was mediocre at best I thought the performance by David was so poor that he almost dragged down the greatness of the leading female character. Molly Sims plays one of the other Mris as well, and I was disappointed. Because when I see things like that, it makes me feel old by the way it happened with Eurovision. Eurovision with Will Ferrell, and so when I see these things happen, it bothers me because David spade should be remembered with greatness and people. Watch this. They're just not gonNA. Feel that way, so I'm going to save ninety minutes year time and say don't watch the wrong. Missy harsh harsh. We typically agree we. We have similar tastes in it, but I guess this is all about managing expectations. My expectations were so low that I actually ended up enjoying. Enjoying it because of the performances and David Spade looking like he doesn't care that sort of been his thing for twenty five plus years, so maybe not the fairest of criticisms, because at this point you gotTa. Know what David Spade is a fully formed adult game changer for anybody, but I thought Laura Lauren Lub. Guess was particularly Great in this role, and I hope big things for her, because she she had a spot on HBO crashing. That I thought was quite good to a short-lived show. That probably should still be around. It was really good. I want a great lesson. Mike about expectations right. I win with high expectations, and so two people can view the same thing and the frame of reference they have is what changes everything and that's what happened in this guests. Yeah, I don't I. Don't think you can watch it on an airline because it's a netflix exclusive but. It's a good airline flick I think perfect. Yeah you've been watching kingdom on Netflix base on the strong recommendation. I gave from last week. What is your? What is your initial thoughts as you're making your way through this series? I've got bags under my eyes. Because I I can't stop and it is a tremendous series. I can't believe the acting I can't believe it's the. It's the artists from billions. Frank Grillo who I never heard of the FRY some on. On billions is is the lead, and he's terrific and I love our every all the actors all the actresses. There is a great combination of of fighting of sex of sweat of drama of drugs of anger of family of scarring. It's it's unreal gray recognition I'd never heard of it and I have still twenty five more episodes and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world I can't wait to this call. Season to Jonathan Tucker in particular. I think this should be a huge movie so I know I said that before, but. His character has the most trauma because of the family dynamic. That's going on there. Getting pulled and billy. A different directions the the scenes with his girlfriend at the time. I mean just truly heart wrenching stuff there Natalie Martinez. An actress from Miami links on in season two. She does a really great job in that show as well so I. Really Thank you for taking me up on that recommendation, because this is a very underrated show, just because not a lot of people know about it and I'm hoping that we breathe new life into the series because I still feel like they got stories to tell. Because at third season feels kinda rushed because of whatever was going on behind the scenes I'm excited to let people now. I'm going to review it on nothing personal. Personal once I'm done with it, but it's the best part of my day. Right now is getting back to kingdom, so thank you for that all right David Samson. We will talk to you unless you're this next week. I'M GONNA be back next week. We'll go. We'll text back and forth to see if we should invite Jack on there. Maybe trade a few stories behind the scenes of I want I. Need to hear this toilet. Sorry I need to hear you tell Jack that you saw him and and experience that altogether so next week will. Thanks for thanks for making this APP and Mike Oh no. Thank you for making that happen, so thank to Chris Wittingham to who was. Essential in! We didn't see Jack mckeon naked this time around, so we will talk to you next week..

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