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Nick Pizza Day. From you might have heard of that writing in from about. Dr. says. Dr. Charleston. Zan. Nick. Impression. Don't with Steph time writer to the show. Oh, my goodness to the I went ahead and watch. Nixon impression of you. Now that's going to be that's going to be. You just have to put a bunch of comes and goes and that stuff. So just it out. Just ramble a bit I guess. Pretty self aware. So he says I will ahead and watch mulholland drive for. The first time. In all I can say is I was completely blown away and I will certainly be exploring more of Lynch's filmography after movie as and as promised to Charles I will be watching the twin peaks pilot. Fantastic now, he's already watched it by the time you know. So so I made the suggestion to him like. Well, we should have you on the podcast to talk about your reaction to the pilot. It'll be interesting to see somebody's reaction to the pilot who watched it. Essentially, a century later. In the following century and Also lead Leonard who's a special guest companion the next up everywhere friend of the show? Yes. That friend of the show. has also recently watched the pilot. So I thought. So I thought you're creating two weeks converts. We should figure out a way to get both of you guys on. Talk about your reaction to the pilot. I. Just I can just imagine the two of us. Oh, youngsters tell us what you think about Mommy and daddy's show. In you know make sure you have it right now. Yeah. Don't don't say anything about it because it's awesome. It's perfect and I love it never going to be bad ever and we've done eighty of these pot of these episodes about it so. You'd better be nice just so so you understand that it's perfect and better than anything ever. Mine appease accused buster. You don't know who you deal with..

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