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Of the luxury of six foot tall she was very hard to ignore and she was a natural leader and even the men they had a lot of time for her because of their hard work she'd put in in trying to improve the lot of the working class in dublin so she was a natural candidate for one of the constituencies in dublin city centre one of the poorer areas the feminist movement in the suffragette movement did backer to the hilt and she was easily voted in i i guess the story of constance market which is linked to irish nationalism is a good reminder that the were many different factors which played into the history of women's version writes and another factor which we've mentioned in passing was the impact of the first world war the argument being that it was this as much as anything else which led to women in the uk being given that vote there's a lot of debate about how much difference the publicity stunt sometimes violent suffrage jets actually made how much do you think they inspired other women around the world in some cases other women and other countries looked to the suffragettes and able to project themselves as being entirely different from the suffragettes they would say look we are ladylike we are not going to make noises we are not going to smash windows we're not going to do all these awful things that the english women do this is how we we can demonstrate our national guide however there were other women who took the message of the suffragettes a bit further people like doria shafique and her daughters of the nile movement in egypt where after abdul nasser's revolution in the in the nineteen fifties there was no place for women and so dear shafique the daughters of the now staged a hunger strike on.

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