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As well. Good defense decisions. He covers fullbacks he's an all round midfielder, and the league's nine seen I think looks magnificent defend. He's all the attributes. He's good. In the air is a good lady can play out from the back east quick and an e looks to be a good character as well. Kept in Vieques, and he came back from a terrible start his international career. He was thrown in seventeen against bogere would soon new down. Both goes his foot and he was taken off at halftime. And he's come back from that those three players alone, we talk about Greece. Mun. Delinked Yong's, be pretty different looking boss, Laura, Vattel happened, a better Bacelona in a buffalo and say the absolutely roamed to, to win the league and Bosch alone say that really should be in the final, they're going to have those three players and the time in Israel, but probably have to lose some to get. Yeah. EM the gun be strengthen where we all talk about will the Kolia team. The strength team should be in the medal and the three defeat names of people. Plus, you may see because he's the guy's been county and his team for the last eighteen months. So if you cannot those the, the new, you'd boss alone when the European killed so you brought it up shirt to balance that. Who do you see moving out your racket ditch Fidel? Yeah. And of course, Katina is. Yeah, there's some of the fringe players have been that have been there for quite a while, you probably want to get see. No doesn't look as he's going to make it a boss alone. What's the crowds start getting on to you? As much as they are to consider, it's gonna make it very difficult for him. So I think he's probably one of the players that they would try and get money for, but it might be difficult from to get some of that money back. Certainly will. Thanks very much, guys. Thanks it. If you ever miss an edition of the show, remember the audio version, our podcast available every day on Jews. Has fought through long since Josie. Marina.

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