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Thank you guys views are in and it was a hair it was so much much and thank you everybody on the facebook fan page for leaving me beautiful birthday message we love you we love you you're part of the family forever thank you so much for spending part of your special day with us all my gosh thank you if you have a birthday we should have a party tricia i was in the big brother house so she gives me death look she goes it's really nice throwing a birthday party acsi because we didn't do any bertha today happy how nationalist assistance day it is for something really thanks everybody have a happy birthday and ross thank you follow him alone he's at faxing malone's instagram or naval air and twitter cj is that cj life that c j a y l y f e mark is jay rod is adam josh underscore rodriguez underscore i'm hella saying the podcast is hello ross bod moods find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash straight talk with ross also make sure you check out straight talk with ross we're also on cameo special message from us go to cameo dot com slash s t w r or if you wanna special win from just me go to book cameo dot com slash hello ross.

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