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Four 16 time now for wbm sports. We check in with Dave kerner. All right, we start with the cops at a big baseball signing for them. It looks like they have their shortstop of the present and the future dansby Swanson to leave the Atlanta Braves, of course he won a World Series ring there, was an all star selection last year. He works out a 7 year $177 million contract with the cubs. Now Swanson last season with the braves, 25 homers and 96 RBIs and played an all 162 regular season games, a former number one overall draft pick by Arizona back in 2015, and then they sent him to the braves in a trade, he hit the free agent market this winter, the last of the big time shortstops you could say to be signed by a team, you had the likes of Carlos Correa that moved on to other teams, but the cobs get dansby Swanson 7 years, $177 million. The biggest comeback it appears in NFL history happening this afternoon in Minnesota, the Vikings beating Indianapolis 39 to 36 and overtime the cults had a 33 to nothing lead at the half, the Vikings storming back out scoring in the 36 to three in the second half there were four Kirk Cousins touchdown passes that were included in all that. Greg Joseph kicked a 40 yard field goal with two seconds left in the overtime that won the game for the Vikings and completed an amazing comeback Minnesota now 11 and three as they get the win. They have also, of course, clinched the NFC north in the process. College basketball this afternoon northwestern beat the Paul 83 to 45 and happening right now, Illinois leads Alabama a and M 36 19 at the half. Bears eagles tomorrow from soldier field coverage starting 9 a.m. on your home of the bears, Dave kerner and his radio one O 5 9 W BBM. Thank you, Dave. It's for 18. Traffic and weather together on the 8 sponsored by nuts on Clark, we check in with an update from Trent Erickson. Veron, we've got a police activity situation. This is on the upside of I 57, just past Halstead. There's a car in the ditch. There's a lot more involved than that, but it's an area you want to stay out of for sure. And we're seeing delays on the up on side of the Dan Ryan as it is approaching the skyway. Pretty much all the way down to 95th. It's not solid until you get out to the big sheriff 5 57 outbound, two past Halstead, it's jam, they've got at least a laying down here in mount site starting to see the brake lights, about a 115th, the 111th on up to Halstead because of all of this going on, buses rerouted around the area to around halsted. So just be aware and make sure you check before you go. It's certainly a spot to avoid probably use Halstead probably not a good idea. Just use the bishop Ford, you might be best off to do that. That's nice and clear for you both in and outbound

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