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To you in part by me too yes Cincinnati bell company and or until seven hundred W. L. W. the whole first thing goes coverage Hey what's up its rally from the Kane show and I just took a little visit to the brand new were modeled Rockville dealership persons kia and they have hundreds of vehicles ready to go basically every single thing you could want they have right there on the lot and every new vehicle that you buy from hers and kia includes two years free maintenance the greatest thing about them too is that they've been around in business for sixty years so you can pretty much trust that they know what they're doing when it comes to sell you the car that you want and they're conveniently located just half a mile south of shady Grove metro recently I got to drive the new kia soul that thing drives like a dream the interior is super stealth and that all these awesome safety features inside of it which is really important to me because nine times out of ten I'm driving around with my son who's three I love this car see dealer for details day funky the bangles hosted the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots on Sunday and I'm not going to talk about Spygate to what I will do is remember five years ago because I remember doing this with you patriots lose to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football that was the we're on to Cincinnati game bill Belichick said it famously bangles played the patriots that weekend New England won that game forty three to seventeen you may and everybody around the country spent that week burying the patriots as it turned out rather prematurely since then they've won three super bowls they have had a major issues often simply they've lost a couple of games in a row should we be bearing the New England Patriots absolutely not because they still got bill Belichick is still got home thirty I know he's not maybe the guy who he was you know even two years ago but look they're going on vacation that is build a culture on winning and finding ways to win and excellence in all that so you know it it is stupid to use eliminate the pager again I'm not plan as high caliber as they have in the past but there's still a high level you will get there in that one you know what yeah what why are you so no are you sure you feel a little premature than than the pager don I'll believe it when I believe it when I see a in large part because the disk despite the the the patriots maybe trying to steal the bangles signals even though I said I was going to talk about it I see no because when the football game on Sunday all motivated I mean they got a win these games as you well know why they had such Superbowl six that is by winning home field advantage they look the way even though eleven to one you know they got it went out we want to win out so they get back home field advantage this works so well so I think coming off a two game slide that they're coming to Cincinnati how in the bangles and patriots on Sunday at one pregame coverage from the holy grail starts at nine OO five with rocky woman I'm mowing okay seriously land Outlander okay.

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