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Yeah, we had a series of crashes in Hayward. That was one of her hot spots this afternoon. Just is that traffic was really calming down. New Fender bender coming in, is actually westbound 92 in Hayward, west of 8 80 but it is partially blocking the right lane and north bound between Union City and Hayward. Still a bit of a struggle. There, you'll be on the breaks between Industrial Parkway to the 92 interchange, but earlier accidents in both the north bound in south bound direction are clear and across the bay at traffic continues to recover nicely on south bound one, A one a five car crash that happened at San Antonio South bound a is clear. And traffic is just about back to normal bit of about 1/2 mile or so of slowing approaching San Antonio Road and no delays on the signal grade, and we still have a good sized back up on the Altamont pass below the limit between Vasko Road and Grant line, and then this ongoing major delay impacting traffic in both directions on Vasko Road because of a serious crash. South of Brentwood at Camino Diablo. So they've got one way traffic control at is why it's so slammed in both directions and your next date, 6 28 on the traffic leader, KCBS. Mancini's slip rolled six day forecast save big on select premium mattresses during Mancini's sleep world's 50% off mattress sale K p x five's Poul Hagen saying, boy Is it going to get hot around here? Weather will be the big story as we head into the weekend and excessive heat warning for inland portions of the Bay Area. Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties. All included in that. Kicks in.

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