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Heavy from the bishop Ford over to birds ninety four sixty five in the end a toll road in Chicago sky way delay free get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty one of five point nine FM the WBBM accu weather forecast a mix of clouds and some sun high seventy four today tonight mostly cloudy with periods of rain later low sixty three and tomorrow a shower to mainly in the morning otherwise remaining mostly cloudy high seventy eight looking ahead to Monday Labor Day times of clouds and sunshine warmer and a bit more humid a high eighty two right now we have sixty nine degrees and here we have sixty eight midway in sixty six at the lakefront WBBM news time ten twenty our top story this hour hurricane Dorian has gained strength and is now a category four storm capable of catastrophic damage as it bears down on the Florida coast forecasters say it's still too early to tell whether Dorian would make a direct hit on the state's east coast or inflict a glancing blow they note some computer models predict a late turn to the north that would have Dorian hugs the coastline and we'll have much more the story coming up at ten thirty one opponents of the measure that would allow recreational marijuana sales Naperville are planning a rally today from mom who want to do something that's Jennifer bruise and Taylor organizer of the opt out Naperville rally in Central Park she and others are concerned that even though the law says pop will only be able to be used recreationally by those twenty one and older more younger people will try it we're just trying to provoke family friendly family focus we have all these awards that we've warned that we attract families because our family focus and and the end of the day there's nothing family friendly about recreational marijuana Taylor says she like to see a referendum on the issue and let the voters decide Bernie to for him newsradio one of five point nine FM a cook county judge will allow the alleged gunman in the murder of a nine year old boy to represent himself the Tribune reports the eat this judge that is Wilson earlier this week denied the right to resume this request to dump as public defenders but left some room open to reconsider the ruling elites trial begins early next month Dodi and two other men Corey Morgan and Kevin Edwards are accused of luring nine year old hi Sean Lee into an alley near his home in twenty fifteen and shooting him because his father was a member of a rival gang and while gaming officials in Illinois right rules and seek public comment casinos Indiana.

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