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President Trump, Jackson, Kerr discussed on Moose & Maggie


That the coach and the team president on the same page and having a relationship is important because you know it so that's been hired to Jackson one of the higher courageous to be the head coach continue Kerr would run the triangle they were very close the whole thing but the Knicks are going to go for that so we hire start Fisher and Derek actually didn't do a terrible job the problem was that still want him to run the triangle Derek doesn't want to run it the players that want to run it in out Derek Fisher is that then they bring in Jeff Hornacek he doesn't want to run the triangle so once in the running so it was only use this kind of rift between the president of the team and the head coach and I don't think you can see I don't think you're gonna get that if it's Tom the only arose I don't think you'll get it but can act and sing in the honors I just I don't think we unlike I think Leon he's a serious guy he's smart and I think he knows enough that when you hire a coach you gotta let him run the team he knows what's been successful he said you know he said clients all over the league this is certainly of doing it and when you have the right coaching search looking look at Pat Riley the success that although we will call the fame coach he becomes the president Jean this is famous Tyra you never see that anymore he's behind the scenes he was ever supposed to run the team that's how you have to do it I said Frank really appreciated always fun going back and forth with you and it's gonna be a fun day with Tom Thibodeau was hired we can have we can discuss this it's a we're both blue in the face so I believe we have always appreciate your time thanks a lot thanks for help with electron do interviews we get fire station get me out of I think that is what he says right these unprecedented times they really still hold a grudge against that probably that is a good live by Frank closing it out properly that is a good line yeah it was a either way you go I you know I consider to be does mention yesterday would be great hires and you know it does come to a point here with the MBA with with all the information they have Maggie it's time to make a decision on what they're going to do here right about what the format is going to be for the playoffs you've had enough time you've.

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