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Now, as you'll have no doubt heard on the news Ghislaine Maxwell has been fine guilty by a New York court of sex trafficking girls, aiding Jeffrey Epstein in his abuse of miners. We're going to look at what this means for those women who came forward to testify, and the wider impact that this case may have, will women be more likely to speak out? Will they feel more likely to be believed? We're going to have all the latest reaction this morning. We'll also look at what's happening in Afghanistan. It's been a hundred days since many girls were banned from attending secondary school by the Taliban in the country. And the country is also facing a real risk of famine. Author Susie Boyd will be joining me in the studio to discuss her latest novel, loved and missed. And in our series on scars, we're going to meet Laura care worker in South Wales, he lives with childhood burns, and abiy Akron is Pakistani disabilities activist. And she's going to be talking to me about how she's working to change attitudes in the subcontinent and beyond. Well, as ever, we are very keen to hear from you. You can text a woman's on 8 four 8 four four texts will be charged at your standard message rate. Do check with your network provider, for exact costs on social media, it's at BBC women's hour and of course you can email us through our website. Now Ghislaine Maxwell is facing the prospect of spending the rest of her life in jail after a jury in New York, find her guilty of grooming and sex trafficking teenage girls to be abused by the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. The 60 year old British socialite was convicted on 5 out of 6 charges, she's going to be sentenced at a later date. The jury gave their verdicts after 5 days of deliberations. Damian Williams the U.S. attorney general for the southern state of New York hailed the verdict against Maxwell for one of the worst crimes imaginable. Facilitating.

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