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Washington Redskins, Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles discussed on The Kevin Sheehan Show


Because there's not gonna be any fan probably well. You're saying because they're going to be fans across the board not just because Redskins fan base has been social distancing for the last few years anyway no across the board. That's that's definitely not being factored into these lines right now. Okay okay so So that's a legitimate. That's not probably I mean they're probably giving a redskins at three point home field advantage in that line. I don't know if they're giving the Redskins at three point home field advantage in the opener they may. It's funny there was an article Written on one of my favorite sites covers dot com a month or so ago about the About home field advantage homecourt advantage home-ice advantage set her but it was more about home field advantage specifically. I believe and it just talked about you. Know it brought up the Redskins. Home crowd example. I mean it was almost embarrassing to to the redskins but you know how bookmakers have had to adjust the typical three point home. Field advantage number For those wondering what that is basically in the NFL ending college football there is an average of three points built into the point. Spread for the in the home. Team's favor okay. So if the Philadelphia Eagles in the Washington Redskins were considered to be even teams on a neutral field. Move that game to Washington and the Redskins are three point favorite moved game to Philadelphia. The Eagles are a three point favorite. But the Redskins home field in this story essentially was part of the reason that a lot of handicappers. And odds makers were looking at you know crowds like the crowd at Fedex field in recent years differently in not assigning a three point number two to the redskins even though they been assigning a three point number. They feel like they have to adjust that moving forward. Because let's be honest. The redskins have not had a home field advantage in two years. You know in the significant in the majority of their home games over the last two seasons. It's either been a no advantage or a disadvantage for them to be at home at -solutely I.

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