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That's just that's the end of the world to me, where your rivals are poaching players from you because of Instagram. Just the downfall of society. What else do we got here guys? Good things to come, maybe. Roll the Chapman look good and that save effort on Wednesday against the angels. Doing some digging, some help from talking yanks. And I was just looking because he was locating his velocity was there as splitter look good. Everything was good. Last 16 outings, dating back to July 6th for the left hander, 15 and a third innings, three earned runs, 9 hits, 24 strikeouts, 11 walks, 8 strikeouts, a one, 8, 8 saves, I'm sorry, not 8 strikeouts. 24 strikeouts, 8 saves, 1.76 ERA. I know it hasn't felt like that because Chapman's gotten into a lot of trouble. Notably in Atlanta when he loaded the bases and then wandy Peralta had to come in and save the day. But hey, dude, that's a lot better than what we saw from Chapman from like what June to end of May to what I don't even remember when it started because I need to erase it from my brain. But nonetheless, it was his first 19 outings or 20 outings that were nails. And then every outing after that was a disaster. He gets back on track, I don't know. Defense trust him. I don't entirely trust him. I'd like to see him get back on track for sure. I'd like to see his regular 9th inning outings where he's pumping gas and overwhelming hitters. But do I trust him in the postseason? I can't. I simply can not. Will it be a problem for the Yankees in the postseason? Probably, why are we going to think this is going to go away? At the very least, on a positive note, we're looking at glass half full. He's getting on track at the perfect time. We're in September. Here comes the stretch. Need to win games in September. So you gotta treat September as the postseason. You're only a game and a half up for the top spot in the wildcard. He had home field advantage, especially if it's going to be the Red Sox man. I really don't want that to happen, but the home field just needs to be a thing..

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