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Together them together to battle the number of whom is as the sun over the sea. Is it really going to deceive a great number of people? And they went up on their bread is the of on the campus that come over saints about. Hundred. And if I came down from God out of heaven undivided. Them. Holiday I defeated. To then was cast. In the lake on fire and Brimstone. Where they beast and false prophet. Day or night forever and never. About of Gog and Magog. Is described more fully. In Revelation Chapter Twenty seven through ten. After the total defeat, the devil. On these allies. In the battle goal. Megan which we have guess read. Christ with. This mall and they're great. Company that. Christ will judge is small undergraduate. There will be a resurrection of the dead. This time. And, to resurrection, we know it. Has the final resurrection. This is quite different from the festival resurrection. which or cod one, thousand India's audience. Yes, going over refreshing all mind. We said that if fuss resurrection is separated from the second resurrection. Second resurrection. We know it has the final resurrection by Pedo one thousand years. These second resurrection. Is going to all car one thousand years later. After the resurrection. So. Final resurrection. ALL THOSE WAY ARE NOT WORTHY Consider that we are not. To be resurrected in fast resurrection every child of go they should be designed to be in their fast resurrection for you to be found not. To be in the fast resurrection, we're seeing that's a lawyers I want to be in the fuss resurrection. God help us to strive. To do our best to rewrite. Kobe. Kobe the commandments to not look at these who does something wonderful. That, we must enjoy. So after the final resurrection, all those who are not worthy to be resurrected in the first reservation. Stunned and the before. The grete white to sit on. Of Christ. They stand. that. Before the Great? White Throne. Hall Christ. Revelation twenty. Verses. Eleven Through fifteen? The white throne judgement. Read it. And I saw red to white. Wrong. Him that decide to need to from boozer phrase. The Earth and the heaven fled our way. And also found in our press for them. And I saw the dead Samal and read what we were talking about stunned before gone. And Book Swapping. Was Open which is the book of life under the jagged out of those. That were written in the books according to their works luke onto that undersea gave up. The dead, which why need on death on the hell? Why David Assorted death and they held up the dead, which you I need them. Jiji everyone according to their works. On the hill while costing to delay Koffieh, this is the second. Wave. I was not found written in Volkov life. was cost into the lake of fire. My God. This is what Chris referred to. As the day of judgement. Rice refund. To that. Judgment. Day. Judgment. Mas You. Ten Functional Chapter Ten. Multi. Turn. And was. Dean. Rarely I sound to you. Show to be more tolerable. For. The land of autumn. Undergo Mora. In the day of judgement. That she t. In. This scripture day over judgment. What is going to happen? To. The. Resurrection. He's right to hear refunded to. The day. Judgment. Paul cautioned Roman Christians. To avoid it is del. Rough. Hundred Doug Mantova God. Paul's lifetime. He cautioned the saints in Rome. Avoided out to the wrath on the mental gone. Romans. In Romans Chapter two. Paul took. Time to caution. Judge. Voided out to. Dale Roth. Judgment. Romans. Chapter. Two. WAS WHY. But after that I had in this. Hunting penitent and the penitent heart. TRICIA up into. Self Roth. Against the over rough and revelation of the righteous judgment. Of God. You won't. Any pita diminished flock. To seek the load assistance. In a being daily. Out of temptation's. Way To being resolved. The day over judgment. To. Be. punished. Peter. Can beat a.

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