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In the basketball, but confined the basket, no matter why leave. For a third one off to look like, maybe hard got that. Right. Arm out there for the fancy now on the screen but foul on shirt or and he goes to the event off the inbound heart and has it highlight middle of the lane to Capella outside open green for three any hits Gerald green wants a minutes. He's been the odd man out lately. Are you start knocking those down? Don't be out there. That's for sure. What about Capella again that high screener role? He goes down the pay catches and goes that weak side for wide open. Look forty eight thirty nine big lead for Houston. Now as we come up on five and a half minutes ago the half Adams fires a pass into the corner. Caught by grant, Jeremy can't grant drives off balance shot. Not there rebounded by harden, far little medium tempo. Into the front court goes to green he checked three misses. And it's rebounded by Paul George like that hardens he told him to go there. He was looking for me news. There's George in the lane drags the foot block by heart and write back to PJ spins in, the lane leans, high shy. Off the iron twice. No good at walled off nicely by Tucker. It's rebounded by heart. This some physical basketball Tucker to set a huge trade on George. Here's James harden. Backing off the three point line with four fifty to go in the half. And looking for a double digit lead harden against Westbrook harden accelerates down the lane. Fires it up in the air. No tapped up grant comes up with it throw. Casey. Oh, while going down Tucker and he's holding his left knee. That's not a good sign on the other end of the floor. PJ? Tucker is down. Here's Westbrook into the corner wide open. George shoots three no good. They're going to blow the whistle here. Good news is Tucker is up on his own and walking toward mid court. I did not see the contact. But he's bending that knee right now in stretching and he doesn't wanna look at Jeff does Delic who's the acting head coach here. He's like, no, no I want to stay in the game. But in the news checking in and before that we're going to get a time out. There was a collision on the rebound and the and Ferguson got tangled up I think it was more of a bang on the ground than anything fortunately for Houston. But he's up and move around pretty decently. We'll see what happens when we get back time out for twenty six to.

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