America, Ben Shapiro, Louis Farrakhan discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


As that we all have to stick together because we are black and fight against the racist why people into blow second do's and that's what you see happening now in all honesty the members of the black hawk as who supported louis farrakhan they believe in what he says they teach that themselves and so that's why you see them so pointed him because they agree with it and because of the double standard in america today these brass can get along get away with doing and saying whatever they want because they know why people are not going to stand against them it has just gone out of control and is not going to change until black people who undecided good and why jews alight stand together and fight against these people otherwise is only gonna get worse because they'll encourage other young black people to do the same thing and believe into the same thing the the the only thing i'll say in defensive louis farrakhan is we did create ben shapiro in a laboratory that is true we did we did we turn on the feelings a little down yeah that's on their louis farrakhan is an evil evil man he's eager to core yeah no one time where he will call for all black state within the united states he is so evil but he because he's black he's able to get away with it seem as though is changing a little bit now i hope so but alas people speak up and it's not going to get better.

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