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He was good. Say again? You presume they picked those kind of names for a horse they're like. I presume wexford native Jim bulger wants to have. His name that's a good horse. I know they think an awful lot of them at home. What the plan is for him. I don't quite know, it was a mile maiden sponsored by toast, actually. That was around 5 40 at now then, on the 29th of March, I highly recommend you watch it back. He ends up beating sun king who's a decent horse. He's a horse raised in 92. That's probably gone up since then. And was I was really impressed with and you'll know this better than me, Sarah, is that he was drawn very wide. He's coming out to start a 21. So he has to make up all of that ground by tracking over. And he was very, very keen throughout the race. Yet he still managed to gallop away over a mile out to win by two and a half lengths within a further 5 and a half lengths back to the third. Like he's bolted up. And there was a lot of money for Aiden's horse on the day sun king. So I think wexford native opened at 14 and was punted into 72 with colloquial in the morning and then went back out to 5s, but they think a lot of them where he goes, I don't know, but I would be very, very intrigued by him. And I think that the 2000 guineas is not just about like glanton, we believe goes to France. He obviously now has a question mark hanging over him. But the 2008 he says not going to be just about native trail corpus Luxembourg, point lonsdale, there are other horses who are emerging in wexner native is one of them. So. Who wants to be further than a mild or Disney? Yeah, I would imagine he's a Derby prospect, but they might swing at the guineas. They might take a swing, but he's probably at RV prospect. You're almost certainly right about that. Anything else to take from the race? I don't think so, it wasn't, it was probably the least exciting of the trials I thought. Moving on. In terms of strength. Homeless songs was put up by quite a few people. And got the job done for Chris a's and government world beating Joseph Brian who had a frustrating afternoon. Beaten again in a trial. Just about. We're just going to source a Villanova queen finishing third and sacred bridge for jawlines who obviously, as you were saying, had this phenomenal season last year until she went to new market. And then it went.

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