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A twinge in there because it is just a separate children is plugging quickly bridge iran that's a lot yeah a lot of being brought neil there now rugova see dr find out why getting pregnant i think there's no jorritsmalebbink's thing picture so you're not offended by freshman obviously right i mean you now that story did it say that somebody complained or somebody let me make this clear even if somebody complain it doesn't make it okay to change with the word means or change the actual use of the word or is this just some dogooder faculty member or administrator who says we must change because i say so and what was record the changes recommended by the gender and sexual albany alliance group that they have had this call this ever engendering where trolley alliance grew their went to the handbook and came up with suggestions on how the language could be more genderneutral this is this is how screwed up societies guy watching the people's court yesterday you know me and watch network now the court at so judge marilyn no yawn the she's great been watching her for a long time course washed joe judy too and in a get on saturday or sunday i'll i'll sit down or watch a few of these in men bills watson court and there's the plaintiff is this very pretty young woman and the defendant is it dude dress like a woman i ha i mean to the nines got the makeup of the whole thing going the defendant is referring to or the the plaintive is referring to the defendant and keeps calling her him well i ask him to watch my dog and i asked him to do this and he lost the dog that he didn't have that in either thing in the other and then the judge gets to to to the extend it is calling him her and by the end of it the judge wasn't calling him herni more which is calling him the defendant because at that point you don't know what the hell is going on yeah what do you call the person you know i say.

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