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Yours truly Chris Boden joining you, we will be joined in a few minutes by Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Carlson, and he's coming off a win last night. He and 21 22, maybe even more other guys. Three won the final over the Columbus Blue Jackets and Next second straight Monday. We, You know, we have a game to talk about in which you know, we we both came away impressed it Last week's instance they were coming off of victory over Detroit. We want to see how they would handle that tasting success for the first time, and they came up with an even better effort against the Red Wings in that Sunday afternoon match up And this Monday. They fall the Columbus Friday 2 to 1 in the game. They probably easily could have win in some cases may have deserved to win. How would they react to that when they get frustrated or what? It's further our spur them on even more to and even better performance, But the latter is what we saw last night in the 31 victory. Yeah, Listen, I love the I love the adaptability of this group. And I know we're going to talk about it later a little bit, and we'll get into it with coach too. But when you think about the situation that these guys have been in this year, it's really impressive where they're at. I mean, Like I've said a million times the shortened training camp the weird summer right into a, you know, a season of some some uncertainty. And then on top of all of that, you've got a virtually half of the line of brand new and different guys in different looks and then a taxi squad and Ah, complete changeover in your goaltending situation from last year, So the fact that these guys have been able to do what they've done and to be where they're at right now, I think is very impressive. Yeah, they're a little bit below 500 at the moment, but keep in mind. I've got nine points there. Two points off the top of that off the top of that division. And on top of that they have nine points, which is the same as the Tampa Bay Lightning. You're Stanley Cup champion from last year, so everything if these guys are doing is the right thing, but take take numbers and stats aside and get rid of that. I just like the way that this this team has complained playing, and I like the way that this team is competing on a night in night out base. Yeah, there's there's just so many wild cards in the equation here this year that that everyone just kind of has to keep an open mind roll with the punches. Is, and I think that's very much with this Black Hawks team has done since opening up in the All those first four games in Florida, where a little bit bumpy, but it's about growing and taking incremental steps game by game and again. It's not always gonna be linear and smooth and the arrow pointing upward. There's going to be setbacks here and there just by the makeup of this club, but You like the direction that they have been taking in the consistency. They are gradually beginning to show and coming up this week, you know, I mean to other, you know big dogs who have been impressive here from a postseason standpoint lately. Carolina coming to the United Center for Games Tuesday and Thursday nights off to Dallas to take on The Stanley Cup runner up for the first time this season, coming up on Sunday and then the following Tuesday, So we're gonna take our first break here. When we come back. We will hear from Black Hawk, said coach Jeremy Collinson. He'll join us. Next on Black Hawks live. Presented by Chevy Dr Chicago dot com. Drive what cane and save Dr Enjoy. Thanks. He order breakfast at.

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