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A punchline for public news service i'm rise brown at an assembly hearing today in sacramento lawmakers were to highlight ways educators can inspire more african american males students to stay in school and work to achieve their goals suzanne potter reports they assemble select committee on ending what's often called the school to prison pipeline midst today it will hear from the team behind a report on reclaiming the premise of racial equity for black males in california sociology professor dr angela williams is a member of the california federation of teachers taskforce on the subject he says he'd like to see a state program to promote diversity among teachers and administrators let's focus on not only attracting more african american men to professor let's develop an intimate programs that intentionally help defy recruit developer maintain back no educators and classified staff a u._c._l._a. study found that the ratio between white male students and teachers in california is fifteen to one for black males it's v fifty four to one seventy seven to one for asian males and one hundred fourteen to one for latino males the hearing takes place at ten a._m. at the state capital the committee is expected to continue studying the issue and could propose legislation for next year to implement the reports recommendations williams points out that our study from johns hopkins university found black students are more likely to graduate if they have even one black teacher and having an african american teacher for african american students and for other students in fact is a benefit the report also recommends training teachers and staff on racial equity and unconscious bias and forming partnerships with trade unions to funnel kids into apprenticeship it also supports restorative justice programs that rely on community service and counseling in place of suspensions and expulsions for public news service i'm suzanne potter an oakland city council committee voted last night to approve a ban on police use of facial recognition technology some council members and citizens complained to could be used to target specific racial groups and some see the technology as an invasion of privacy and civil liberties k._p._f._a.'s sean finally has the story oakland's public safety committee recommended the facial recognition ben the committee cited multiple studies from tech companies and m._i._t. the demonstrate technologies inaccuracy and potential for abuse the study found that the software incorrectly identified woman of color up to thirty five percent of the time also on tuesday the united nations called for a moratorium on surveillance technology council president rebecca kaplan says the band represents another step in eliminating racial bias in the oakland police department i want to be clear that i knowledge that this one technology is by no means the only question and our work on the broader the problem of racial profiling and the specific targeting of black people does need to continue i don't want to suggest that this one issue would sold all of that but nevertheless i think it's important as technology evolves that we don't have implementation of things that would make these problems worse that we have an opportunity to step in prior to having a new expanded racial bias problem the oakland police department asked the committee an amendment to the band which would only outlaw real time facial recognition the police said this would allow them to use previously recorded footage to expedite and improve their recognition of suspects bruce stuff macher from the police departments research and planning unit put forward his case for the amended ban so arguably o._p._d. does need some types of technology to help solve more more of these crimes and that's why we're asking for an amendment ban an amended ban that just balances these complete these competing challenges so all we're doing is asking for that future possibility as we strive to balance probably privacy with public safety the committee rejected the proposed amendments watchdog organization say facial recognition software is not only ineffective and inaccurate but it also violates the privacy of individuals here's a. c. l. u. attorney matt cable american islamic relations member samir who's mon- and share of the city's privacy commission brian holford facial recognition we'll make oakland irs less safe this is a technology that gives the government and unprecedented power to track people to know where they are who they associated with some manufacturers even occurred to build identify how people feel it's a chilling of our free speech people would be more concerned about whether or not they should be in public or at these gatherings with a high error rate when mo- searches don't return a good match when injury to our democracy and right to privacy is so clear we conclude concerns far outweigh the benefits to ban will move forward to a full vote of the city council on july sixteenth if the measure passes oakland would become the second major city to ban the technology san francisco bandit last month sean plano reporting for k._p._f._a. a new bill a._b. eight seventy nine in the california legislature would regulate what are called ghost guns firearms that escaped background checks and registration requirements because they are assembled from individual gun parts purchased separately according.

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