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On this morning around the world It's 5 39 on Wall Street The following is an editorial from Bloomberg opinion This editorial was written by the Bloomberg editorial board since the early days of the pandemic the U.S. government has suspended payment requirements for federal student loans During the amaran wave president Joe Biden once again extended the pause the 5th such delay in less than two years He should make it the last Pausing student loan payments made sense at the height of the pandemic when much of the U.S. economy had shut down There's less justification now Some Biden allies are pushing The White House to extend the pause again or to cancel student loan debt altogether before payments are set to resume in May Biden should refuse Doing so may disappoint progressives but it would promote fairness cut the government's losses and reduce uncertainty for borrowers themselves This editorial was written by the Bloomberg editorial board for more Bloomberg opinion Please go to Bloomberg dot com slash opinion or OPI and go on the Bloomberg terminal This has been Bloomberg opinion Listen for Bloomberg opinion editorials every week this time terminal customers can read more at OPI and go S&P futures right now at 37 points now futures up 69 NASDAQ futures higher by 228 points again of one and a half percent on the heels of Google earnings shares of alphabet up almost 11% We'll talk tech next with Angelo xeno of C.

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