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Isn't here now. Incredible and one of the coolest shots the man. I sent it to Sachin when they sort of took the camera around behind Bruce and you could see in front of the and, like there's nobody there and I'm like, Dude, he's just standing there. Unbelievable out all the things that people down at that exact moment on Marian Anderson. Martin Luther Can't you know I wasn't aware I wasn't aware at that moment that we were just getting some video performances from across the country. Right. So what happens is I see Bruce and I think Bon Jovi was the second one. Writer or shortly there is early yet was really remember. Sweet. He was pretty early on. We went from Brewster Hanks. And by the way, shoutout to my main man, Tommy Hanks. Everybody. All of social Media was terrified for his free. He looked at you freeze his freeze. I think it was pretty cold out there, but Tommy Hanks delivered man. He was outstanding in that. I think you're right comes. I think it went Bruce. I think it went Hanks and I think it right back to Joe Paul and I said, What's so Bruce can show up and perform live on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, and what Joe. He's just He's just thank you. He's just sending in a video. Of him standing on a dock performing with Cem Cem. Microphones are plugged into anything, J. J. He told you guys, I'm I'm not tied up that night. Like I said he said you guys a video from a couple weeks ago. Yeah, yeah. You know, Patty from Napa is checking in and she's love you, Patty. She's wrapping her guy. She says Damn you all. What? Hey, that's America. That Patty. Where else is America? You know, just just said that I was not ready. For the record. I was not as That turned off by him again. I had the inability to conjure up any negative emotions. Yes, if I can. If I can refer just a minute, Polly, weaken our Patty. We could have differences of opinion and still be united. They're giving us the exact beautiful, beautiful America. We're gonna go see 99 cups of Patty United. That's totally so The game ended, like right, Like Katy Perry's firework thing, which was and I think she was singing live, too. She was like he was a believer in the fireworks were added control. I've never seen anything like this incredible right member sees with his teeth chattering. That's okay. That's all for now. I gotta go right there clicked over the warriors, and here they came out right for tips. It was a perfect segment in Kelowna started the energy with the great starting with great energy. He's like those jerseys are fires. What he said in my kid, Here's a 13 year old Declan Murphy is turning into quite the emotional lawyer fan living and dying with every possession. He's like, Daddy, I don't care what you say Those churches. They're great. He's really tight. These are awesome, and I was like All right, All right. So I'm not gonna be a grump. I'm gonna go with him. They look good. All right, And I thought they did. And then they came out playing Amazing. Yeah. Fire. Just defense. The Spurs couldn't even breathe. You know, everybody got shot up. Yeah, they were swarming on defense. Fish must've been like what that there's Kurt done to. These guys were swarming like the Knicks in the 2018. Precincts were, Yeah. Six preseason level energy on Murph integrate tweet last night and I wanted to follow up with it because I came to this. Inclusion on the air, and I actually kind of crack myself up. Maybe 25 minutes ago, thinking about this because, Merced said, What's the call on Gregg Popovich is hair because us that we had to make a call right away. I said, I'll start. You know, I had not say I'd slept on Spurs games. Polly had not seen it. Okay. And show my first take. I was like, staggered like everybody. If you hadn't seen pop until last night like me, you had to be staggered by So I just started the bidding with it with the George Washington to Gilbert Stuart Portrait of George Washington. So Marcus Thompson said he looked like he was working on the DeLorean loved it. Great last Marcus great line, and I said, That's kind of what I'm getting closer to. So still. Wait. Maybe maybe we go with the doctor Brown. Maybe that was it. I was gonna say guys don't sleep on on. Popovich is here and a current Don Nelson's hair. Okay. What is going on Ponytail, though? Yeah, he goes public with what? We've seen him with just a hair down to his back to see if he's got just to his back. And then the other one was pop burners that you're saying to me, Maybe. Like he's a wine guy. So maybe it's just the grapes. Yeah, um s so So the other one. I have what I said, Murph. What do you give me for? For Gregg Popovich and maybe in 20 years If Polly doesn't cut his hair. What do you mean from Polly Max current hairstyle and Gregg Popovich. That's basically what I look like. Right now it's possible. That's um, brown. I still got two breasts out 20 years did. Yeah. Light of the meat in light of the means on social media. So we go how it started on the left side picture of Polly. How it's going, All right side a picture of pop of its right? Yeah. How it's gonna happen. Yeah, I was gonna tell Polly is probably Are you sport Are you down? That how far down it zits Like nothing you've ever seen. It's like nothing. You guys well other than Popovich. Yeah, other than exactly other than problem, which maybe Jerry Garcia. That's That's 70 that George Washington Powdered wig. Yeah, tweeted I had to. I had to Google like what are the most expensive California wines. And so I found one of Harlan Bordeaux blend for 1200. I used that in my tweet. I said, you know, Popovich is so pissed about getting smoked. That is until he opens a $1200 bottle of Harlan Estate Bordeaux blend after the came to that guy. He Yeah, he revs so hot on the sideline. He was yelling at his guys screaming, and then after the game, he's like. Oh, yeah. Where's the wine? You know one of those over anyway. Great. Great. Uh, Night last night. Great day for the country. I think it will keep reminiscing about it. This morning. You were listening to the King NPR morning show in Cambria and Cambria in from San Francisco. The sports leader Murphy Mac, Start now. Good morning and welcome to the KNBR morning show. With Brian Murphy and Palma Cap Bridge on KNBR Sports, leaving Bye from the KNP, Our studios sponsored by Reno's Grand Sierra Resort and Casino..

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