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News radio 10 13 traffic on the threes and Kevin's Got a handful. Problems out there to talk about with the super retailers of New England all will drive traffic on the three's alright, Laurie just about wherever you go, we're dealing with sloppy conditions on area roadways. They're definitely gonna want to keep those speeds down this morning had a rash of problems early this morning. Still dealing with new crashes Come again up to the north for 95 south bound dealing with a rollover pickup truck here. Bye route. 1 50 in the aims very stretch outbound Tobin Bridge get reports of a rollover crash on the Chelsea side emergency vehicles going to check on that. Our biggest problems have been out to the West here. As you can imagine, Route to East Bound. We got a crash here, a Taylor Street and little 10. Mass pike westbound to separate crashes in that Newton stretch out on for 95 north bound, Still dealing with the right lane crash here at West Main Street in Hopkinton, South bound, picking up a new crashed before to 90 in the All Burn stretch to 90 eastbound Watch for a crash here at Exit nine and all Burn 1 90 north and South bound, We have crashes. North pounded exit wanted Wooster south bound before Exit five and sterling. South of town, mostly wet roadways, but expressway North bound heaviest Savin Hill up through Columbia Road with a crash being reported by Columbia Road. This response is sponsored by uncommon goods. I love it. This is awesome. Where did you find this Uncommon goods. His holiday gifts. They'll never forget Checkout uncommon goods..

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