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No, one knew what we were talking about everyone. Tried to talk me out of pursuing the stupid internet finals coming back any day. Now any day now any day. So anyway, did that like throughout the nineties really was the first one ever to use the term social network? Really? Yeah. But you see where it got me. So yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Aaron Sorkin, where's the check that? Really? Oh, but don't start me on top. Me on air stealing an idea having. So we're talking about soccer Virk. No conscience about anything. The things that stopped us from forming a social network where what about copyrights, you know, how someone gonna get compensated. Should have not thought of that. Yeah. All kinds of legal issues like that. And he just he as stole the idea. And then be said fuck you'd everyone. And you know, what he's nuts? No, exactly. But I have the moral goes, exactly. And you live in far. Will that kept me? Exactly. Well, you live in a gorgeous house here tour nickel. Yeah. It's very kitschy. Yes. I am always referred to as the Queen of cakes. Yes. I read that I used to take offence at that. Because the collection started off really serious stuff like nineteen fifties through nineteen seventies. Modern atomic yet kind of retro or forward retro kind of thing before anyone is doing it. I mean, I started buying museum. Right. Will this is the museum nigga? But at the museum actually was just online. But everyone keeps calling this the Allee Willis museum kitsch, but the official name of this house is actually Willis wonderland named after my second hit boogie wonderland. Yes. Yes. I'm very familiar. Yes. I love that. I know. Yeah. I'm a fan. What are you? What are you doing all afternoon? Who's a lot of earth wind and fire? I must say you look very charming in that headband is killing me. Thank you. And I'm totally impressed. Eight your nails because I was looking just like that. I know did you clean up for me or I cleaned up. But it did such a horrible job. I should have just left them as little spot. Lilia little just a little cheese. And I'm very impressed. Thank you. But they had been really gonna make me happy. Good good wish all of you could see him a little pink pink headband. Yeah. No. I don't even have long hair kinda bad hysterical. These few little stock thinking wisps. I'm just gonna use it kind of just being completely. I have hair down to my tits. I can a man bun. And then once they could've short still kind of didn't like any hair like in my base. So this this was my solution. I just do. Good. I mean as you see I have not made a decision. Yes, audience, you should you should know this have or. On her left side is right around her ear lobby right around the year. Yeah. And the other one is nearly hits. So. And the back is shave. There you go. Couldn't make decision there. This by the way, happened in nineteen eighty three because accident I had no. I had really long hair almost to my waist long curly hair. And I finally said I can't deal with this. I'm getting a haircut, I go, and I'd always cut my own hair. So I go to some fancy place in Beverly Hills. They give me a fucking haircut. Like, so this was nineteen Eighty-three. They gave me a faira faucet. You know, where the feathered if? Yes, which a was nineteen seventy four I don't like to be behind on anything. Let alone you're screwing with my hair. So I locked myself inside for thirty one days until my friends did an intervention experimented with one side. I just started. And I thought when I get to a lengthy like I'm going to chop the other just match the other side, click close when I when you look in the mirror anything telling you, it was so traumatic and then Gina who bud court is really, okay. So Harold and Maude he played Harold there. Yes, he intervened. He said, I don't know what's going on in that house. But we're getting you out and I love love love bad movies. Like, really bad really, oh can go..

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