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It's the first day ladies and gentlemen welcome Diane from Manassas to the program how did you guys meet we met her friend and we decided to go out all and it was the mid nineties so he was driving and we printer parkway had just been finished I believe or was being financed and he were headed there from the masses and he gets lost and we wanted down a dirt road and all I could keep thinking was I'm going to die tonight like this is a strange guy and here I am eighteen and all I have is a pager we got to becoming a ball that he truly was sincerely lost and had no ill intentions we made it on our date I want to marry him and we're twenty five years later and we have two kids and the GPS itself multiple smartphones going back to that day die and what else was it about him that made you think this could go south pretty quickly was he just not being talkative or friendly or have a little bit of deliverance going on yeah a little worried and it got me in what what has been your plan if things were not going well get out and run get out right yes get out and run with your pager with my greater exactly down some obscure dirt road it was I just awful did you ever confessed to him that night or at some other point that you thought he was up to no good I did and I like I like I really like a lot but I took a wrong turn I really with lots we don't about it to this day why did you want to go out with him again what made that date so special that you guys can't dating and eventually get married everything about him but what attracted me was that were his eyes so he was creepy but had to rise beautiful art well listen because you survived that first date and you now have the miracle of modern technology to keep you from ever getting lost again we're gonna need you to navigate to the Capital One arena as you're going to go see Disney on ice presents celebrate memories you're gonna get front row seats well right you are so welcome enjoy the complete VIP treatment the total prize packages worth four hundred twenty Bucks and if you want to be part of it to give us a call right now and share your crazy for state story you know that story were just talking about your girlfriends about last night or over the weekend well we want to hear it right now eight six six one ship them the number one eight six six nine two seven forty three sixty one call now if we share your story on the year you'll win.

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