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But then it's almost blow it let's not do this Ghani's thing, but ninety pitches was a much. Just go out there, especially with young guys. You don't want them throwing a hundred pitches. The first start like you one hundred pitches. I saw one hundred pitches came out he got through eight out ninety two you don't in the first start of the season. You would do this with almost any pitcher? You don't want to have them starting and ending in the nineties. It was cruising though. Now, that's true. He has they do stressful innings. He didn't have any stressful innings. So from that aspect, you could have made the argument sent him out there. And maybe see what happens you get runner. Does the same thing tended than you could bring enroll more. That's true. But it was too left as it was the top of the order. I'm just I don't I think Donny. I Don Goodman. I know God billion. I totally it. He's not gone that next year. Bold prediction next year? Well, there's any already one of the most tenured Marlins managers ever. I was reading an article where some guy wrote that the best manager in the NFL is gonna lose eighty games this year at least because he's basically saying down donny's like a great manager. We haven't had a single line of the same one day to them every day. Manager. I just don't understand. Why is it Brinson hitting first any sitting eighth and he's hitting filling than he sitting eighth if he had the Yankees lineup. It'd be the same lineup every day. He's not it's not like he has murderers row here that needs to put out we'd have such stiff competition shortstop can't decide between Rosen riddle. I mean, they they just pick one you'd realize to them runs in Rojo's balls make riddle the starter. But Rojo's bald on Saturday, dude. So you're sitting here saying JT riddle should be a hundred and sixty like I'm just saying why is it that we can't have a set lineup. Why's it every day? They're people at Aden. They could flip a coin with all these guys we have we don't really have any studs to be honest offensively. So he's just trying to mess it up. And and how okay let me ask you a question because you're baseball player accomplished athlete. Let me ask you a question as a baseball player. Did you find that you were more successful when you had consistency or every day you came in? And it was like, oh, this is what I'm doing today. L? I I will give you Brinson batting leadoff eighth fifth and eighth in the four game series is. Odd. But that's really the only example there isn't that overblown? No. But I just sitter. I'm also saying okay Ross, for example, rose head would three RBI Saturday night. I think is in place Sunday. And then he's gonna play when Monday home run. No. I know I know you're saying, but in terms of like batting don't you need to be out there constantly getting at bats. Keep rhythm can make the argument that he's getting everyone in a rhythm. He's played almost every guy. They have dude. I would I I would understand your point if these were more accomplished name arguing for JT riddle to be planning on arguing for. I think that if he has mic names you'll remember a couple years ago. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure when we had Stanton yellow zone. Like that was a set lineup. We had every game yelich second ozone at third stand for like, we just don't have he's trying to find something. And I don't know..

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