Senator John Cornyn, Insurance Policy, Ron Johnson discussed on Morning Edition


Rule that requires everybody to buy health insurance republicans say that would help pay for the tax cuts texas senator john cornyn says it with lower cost for middle and low income americans give them tax reductions which hopefully will allow him to keep more of their hardearned money and spend two the way they see fit if they choose to buy some other insurance policy can use it for that if they want to use it for retirement or if they want to use it to take a vacation or take their family out to dinner that risk johnson republican senator ron johnson says he won't support the bill republicans cannot afford to lose many votes in the senate and his defection complicates passage of the bill three new women have accused alabama republican senate candidate roy more of sexual misconduct including sexual assault more has vehemently denied the allegations eight women in all have come forward a funeral has been held for several victims of the sutherland springs texas church shooting joyful osceola of texas public radio reports the service was held in nearby flurries fell eight members of the whole com the whole families were killed that sunday brian holcomb was the guest pastor at first baptist he and his wife were killed along with their son pregnant daughterinlaw three grandchildren and a family friend nearly three thousand people attended the funeral service susan shamsur new members of the family she says the service was bowl solomon uplifting as family comforted one another they don't have the anger and the hatred and revenge attitude or anything like that just are loving giving people they are supporting each other and movin moving forward the holcomb family was buried in a private ceremony and.

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