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There's not funny ending destroy just expected. That's right. You're a stream specter. Thank you. When she tried to put some ketchup on her burger, it did sound kind of like a fire. Yeah. That was great. From something. Good. Wondering if I missed some sort of a name is chief cake and orgasm. All right. I'll have what Streep's having. Then she came out of a radioactive area in cried while being hosed down and brush with heavy brushes. Yeah. Film. So could this all happen? Okay. Let's take another call. Hi, Jordan, Jesse and guest. I'm going to say Steve AG. Calling in from Philadelphia with a momentous occasion today my dog ate an Oxy and spent the whole day tripping balls sitting by the window just looking pensively into the backyard wrapped up in a blanket. We made him throw up after we figured it out. So he was okay. We just had to keep an eye on him. Thanks love the show. I attached to picture of light on. Hey, Jay Travis here. You seem nice, you know, me as Steve aging. I'm clamping you like the show that I'm currently on. Did you take your dog to the vet? Yeah. Maybe take it to the vet or call the vet. If you call the vet, they'll tell you whether it'd be worried sure, and they'll say either bring him in or just having make a sound cloud mix tape because listen chaining, I pay. You're really nice. Yeah. I know that I would necessarily count as a well, Linda, so much terrifying thing that have. Yeah, they probably called the vet the vet said it's going to be five. You make them throw up raff minutes how keep an eye on them. And you know, right to your congressman about America's opioid crisis. Probably in this is a little late. But everybody. I have dogs should not have access to. Oxycontin? The the worst part of this experience was after the dog threw up. I'm Jay had to sift through the vomit and clean off the Oxy. So he could take. Daddy, needs his Oxy. Got a lot of good Oxy. Go. It's been in a dog Jordan is in your scenario where the dog works on a sound clad mixed. Yeah. He gets a bunch of like face in hand tattoos. Okay. The dog. Yeah. A white rapper with. Yes. Okay. Great, maybe pink dreadlocks. Yeah. It's got a weird hairdo maybe a mohawk. Yeah. Sure. He kinda mumbles, and you can't figure out what people like about him. Makes you feel like culture has passed. Dan in that moment, you realize maybe I'm old. Ask if bad religion is sure begin to question your own mortality. What does it? What am I doing? Yeah. Maybe potential has run its course. And now it's over and an actually on the way out guess, why the culture business? Sure, I don't I have a regular job that people respect value. Just on this happens when the dog swallows Oxy all of these thoughts come into my head. If something momentous app issue that phone number two zero six nine eight four four f you and or Email us at JJ, go at maximum fund dot org. We'll be back.

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