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And beans selfless when everything's going well and the broadest similar but i mean lebrun like feels his stats like like a lotta stars but the braun assists rebounds playing defense like he also he does the things it you know maybe kkob didn't do as often it took jordan while the do he builds his team up he buys into what is guys are about and he's doing it right i mean the broadest plan over dick you'll game again of course in the nba finals and you still have the warriors up forty one to thirty four i mean what what what more can you like the and i said i've said this the entire time they have to have regis go off he's gonna be amazing i'm not picking a love yet it's super early in his in a lot of other things right but but love is is one for four so far he had a three i know it's early he's actually rebounding he's been very aggressive i just the warriors are so good to your point clue or so historically talented are so remarkable man is watching the the the first half here if abhran james somehow finds a way to witness hearings how how do you not start talking about him the person jordan with maybe lebrun one oh we've already been talking i've just sound like the people who are are are diametrically opposed to it watched the game can i circle back to the questions posed earlier about stuff curry not being like a sure thing and turning into a great player what about quite leonard uh ago and quiescent zhang light like like that's obviously not the point were curry is i mean he hasn't won an mvp but he's runnerup a couple of years ago and he's in the top three this year yep he's got a finals in vp travesty good lebranchu the dow three no i i mean jays are treated him away deidra is a two is a to relate to say that quiet going to be hov amer i don't i think it is man you know what i like about why that i can't say the same courage that he's now kirk no he plays defense if you watch her in play hold on james harden russell west broek.

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